Tips for a Stress-free Fast

November 18, 2009

greenjuicesGot a new juicer and hot date with some sexy green juice for a couple days? I do very soon. Below are some tips that may be useful when embarking on a juice fast.

1) Clean that colon! I missed the memo on this when I first started juice fasting, and it was not fun. When you fast, your body is going to start flushing out toxins. Its important to facilitate this process with enemas or colonics. If you don’t you may feel dizzy, generally ill, or develop acne (if it doesn’t come out the other end, yes it will start to come out on your face).

2) Take a chill pill. If you are a crazy multi-tasker, take it easy. Fasting is not the time to be super woman or take on stressful new projects. Get rest, and it will pay dividends. Also avoiding TV is good, or else during a commercial break you may have a sudden strong urge to “Have it your way!”

3) Inspire yourself  2 go the distance. Find quiet time to read inspiring literature, spiritual texts, or stories about people who overcame by fasting. Your favorite motivational speaker, writer, whoever, listen or read and use use the inspiration to keep you focused on the goal of going within. This is when I wish I had T.D. Jakes on speed dial!

4) Don’t broadcast yr fast. Its always easiest to not tell people you are fasting. I make up other excuses for why I can’t go out to eat or whatever. As soon as you open your mouth you may allow others to fast talk you right out of your commitment.

5)  Ease off. Don’t make the mistake of chowing down right afterwards. You need a period of a least a quarter the amount of time you fasted to come down off the fast properly.

6) Have Patience with any unexpected Emotional Drama. When your body releases toxins, a physical cleansing takes place. I experienced first hand that the release of toxins can also lead to emotional cleansing as well. If you need to cry, scream, whatever, give yourself permission to let it out. Just don’t hurt nobody!

** Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Listen to your body, consult w/ yr doc if need be, and take my advice at your own risk. Side effects may include general joie de vire, a spiritual awakening, or an increase in magnetism & overall sexiness.



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