Anti-Aging SHE-RO #1

November 21, 2009

Imagine being a grandmother and still looking this fly?

My anti-aging She-ro #1, Karyn Calabrese is a former actress and model, and  now grandmother with two grandchildren. And she might be able to drop it like its hot better than I can…

In an interview in 2005 with ABC, (meaning she is now 62!), Karyn said:

“I’m 58 years old. I don’t know what illness is. I have more energy then I know what to do with. I truly believe it is the life style I lead…I had every allergy known to man. I was a mess — terrible skin, so I became vegetarian first, then I became a vegan, then I met Dr. Ann Wigmore after reading her book. It was the next thing for me to move forward to becoming a raw foodist.”

Karyn owns and operates her own restaurant, Karyn’s Fresh Corner in Chicago. For more info visit: http://www.karynraw.com/


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