Best Fresh Juice Spots in NYC

December 23, 2009

 At this point, I pretty much have every raw vegan spot in every borough in the city committed to memory. Here’s a list of  locations where I found the best organic fresh juice in NYC:

1.  LifeThyme Natural Market (410 6th Avenue @ W.9th Street) Why # 1? Only one name necessary: MELVIN. I am a firm believer  that the energy with which food is prepared greatly affects how well food is assimilated. Melvin, is an incredible dreadlocked man with great energy who has the art of juicing down to a science. I also appreciate that the brother knows how to handle a coconut, which is rare in Manhattan (elsewhere you might end up with pieces of coconut shell in your smoothie). He  is usually found whipping up juice and smoothies for long lines of customers who know him well  in the am hours until early afternoon.  My favorites there: Sweet Christine, Coconut Smoothie with pineapple and banana, & of course a Juice with all greens. 

2. Gobo Restaurant (401 6th Avenue @ W. 8th Street) I stumbled upon the juice at Gobo one day, when Melvin wasn’t around at LifeThyme–it is literally almost across the street. They have very fresh wheat grass juice, and other blends, and every time I have gotten excellent service.

3. Westerly Natural Market (913 8th Avenue @ 54th Street) Although they sometimes take their sweet time making your juice or can’t find a coconut, I still love Westerly. They have a nice range of juices and smoothies, and great vegan snacks to grab on the go!

4. Integral Yoga Natural Foods (229 13th Street between 7th & 8th Ave.) Integral Yoga has been hit or miss in the past. I never really feel great energy there from the people making the juice, but I still stop by if I am in a bind and in the area because they have a range of fresh organic produce and its the cheapest place to get a large celery and apple juice which is the bomb when detoxing!


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