Chasing a Mirage of Dreams

January 7, 2010

Most of us go through life chasing things. We chase after money. We chase after fame and recognition, the ideal mate, our dream career. If you live in New York City, you might chase and choose to forcibly push someone out of your way.  Or you might be the unlucky receiver of the push, forced to swallow another incident that “made your day.” We chase and chase and at the end of the race we are dead tired, and out of breath. As we stand there frustrated by plans that went awry, panting, and clutching our chests from the rejections we faced, finally we are still. The funny thing is, that right there, in that place of stillness and surrender is usually where the tide begins to turn. 

As I began my journey of eating raw foods, I found myself more comfortable in the silence, in stillness. They say we are what we eat,  which is probably why the stillness, calm, and vitality of living foods seems to work deeper than just the physical level…it begins to permeate the spirit.  We forget as we chase and hunger for things or to get somewhere other than right here and now,  that everything originates from silence, everything is born from some form of stillness. 

It took awhile getting used to the idea that I didn’t have to chase.  I was lead to practice daily meditation because of a series of happenings, one of which was stumbling upon the book by filmmaker David Lynch “Catching the Big Fish.”  Immediately, I  began to notice, that the act of going within regularly, brought a sense of peace to my everyday, increased my creative output,  and let me go with the flow in a way I never had before. Synchronicity, or as I call it the hand of God, became beautifully apparent. I would think of something I wanted to do, or be in need of something to complete a project and the right person, the right form of inspiration, would fall into my path effortlessly.  Sometimes we choose to forget that this toxic crazy world we live in, is truly divine underneath it all.  We chase our mirage of dreams, only to finally grasp them and discover they are fleeting. All that remains is the silence.


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