20 Minute Lip Smacking Vegan Pecan Pie

January 9, 2010

My Holiday Pecan Pie ūüôā

My favorite thing in the world next to green juice, is dessert,  so I made it a mission to master the art of creating simple, healthy, raw and vegan desserts in record time. Here is another twenty-minute  pie, suitable for vegans or anyone who would like to not sacrifice the taste of their pecan pie, but are okay with letting go of the belly bulge that occurs after eating the conventional version.  I made this for family, vowing to give them a healthier version that they would still enjoy. The pie disappeared quickly, and the general consensus was that this version tasted better! 


2 cups pecans (soaked) , 6-7 cups dates (soaked briefly), 1 pre-made crust ( I used Whole Foods 365 Whole Wheat pre-made crust), 1/2 cup organic oats, and grade B maple syrup 

Put the dates in a bowl and let soak in hot water.  While the dates are soaking, put your crust in the oven. During the 15 minutes or so it will take to brown your crust you are going to make your filling and topping for the pie. 

Pour soft dates into high-speed blender, with some of the water. Make sure not to add too much water. Blend until a creamy, thick consistency,  continuing to add water if needed. 

Strain the water from your soaked pecans. Use a frying pan, and with low to medium heat, brown the oats in the pan. When the oats begin to brown, add in pecans and drizzle agave nectar on the mixture. This will be the topping for your pie. 

Take our your pie crust from the oven, and pour in date filling. Spread the pecan an oat mixture evenly on the top of the pie. Let it cool, and then serve & enjoy !!! 

To make a raw crust as a substitute, use the crust recipe explained in the post for the 20 minute sweet potato pie. 

The copyright of this recipe is owned by Esosa Edosomwan (AKA Chef Eazy E.) Permission to republish this recipe in print or online must be granted by the author in writing.


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