Battle of the Internal Parasites: Knock Them Out Before They Take You Down

January 27, 2010

Today is Day 1 of another battle with parasites, and I am REALLY not happy about it. To commemorate, I wrote an in depth article on parasites, which you can access via the link below.

“What are parasites?” you mumble. They are annoying, disgusting, creepy worm like organisms, some visible to the human eye and some not, that can set up shop in the human body and pimp you out like a common prostitute. That would make, according to statistics, the majority of people in the world hookers. That’s right, you may think that your constant cravings for dessert and bread is completely normal, but you might be marching to the drum of the parasites inside you that thrive on sweets and carbs. Not to mention the fact that they prevent your body from absorbing nutrients from the foods you eat.  “Oh that’s crazy,” your thinking. “There’s no way there’s any kind of worms inside of me.” If you had that thought it may just be the parasites talking!

A few years ago, I was introduced to the idea of parasites from a fellow yogi. He had just completed a parasite cleanse and said that it changed his life. I was telling him I was going raw, but having a problem with craving sweets and cutting out bread.  He told me to do a parasite cleanse, but I forgot all about it until the veggie really hit the fan. I started breaking out, acne, rashes, felt tired all the time, and had the chills. Ran into another vegan friend who told me she battled with parasites for a year, and used to have the same exact symptoms I had. I know now that it was a combination of nutritional deficiency (mostly B12) and parasites.

My first battle with them began, and I got real gangsta. I consumed only things they didn’t like. Tons of greens, garlic, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, anything that I heard would kill them. Long story short without any stomach churning details, they exist. You won’t believe it, until you see what may come out of you. Anyway, this first bout, I arose, three months later, the victor. I was strutting like Ali leaving the ring.  Got my groove back, my energy, and clear skin.

So how did this relapse happen again? Well there are a variety of ways to contract parasites including: drinking contaminated water, sexual contact (including kissing), hygiene, pets etc.  On my end, I haven’t been as gangsta about protecting myself on the dating front as I could be, and although I am crazy about clean water, I remember an incident recently where the source was questionable. It could have been either or none of these things. But I will say this, the next time I go out and have a fabulous time, and the night is winding down and mood is just right, when Mr. Right leans in for a kiss, I will have to stop him like a true diva and ask “Have you done a parasite cleanse?” If he shakes his head no, I will have to whisper, “Well, then call me in two weeks,” and catwalk away.  I wish I was kidding, but at least I know my health is worth the wait.

Read my Suite 101 Article on Parasites here:




  1. You are a really funny writer! I sure appreciate your humor while cleansing! Now, at this moment, I want my life to be a constant cleanse!

  2. Haha you’re hilarious! I’m gonna have to put all of my dates on a parasite cleanse..I’ll probably end up by myself..oh well, at least I will be parasite free!

  3. Girl you so funny! I love the humor in your writing, it cracks me up and made me think twice about these critters inside of me. I have been trying to do a parasite cleanse for two months, but when you got a husband and a dog it seems impossible to stay away from these bugs. I am really trying my best to stay on a parasite cleanse and incorporate more anti-parasitic herbs and foods in my life because these bugs got me buggin all the time. You know like feeling bloated, having musky odors and digestion problems and not to mention hemorrhoids. Why can’t they set me free? I just want to be free hee..yes I do and yes I can!

    • That’s the spirit! YES YOU CAN. The dog and the husband will be an obstacle. You should look into how you can help to de-worm your doggy and keep that going consistently so that you aren’t picking up the buggers. Also the hubby needs to join in on the parasite-free fun or else you’ll make no progress. Thanks so much for reading 🙂 -XoXo Raw Girl

  4. […] & Battle of the Internal Parasites: Knock Them Out Before They Take You Down […]

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