Food Inc. Movie Review: I’m Hungry for Change!

February 7, 2010

Was going to take today off from blogging, but I’m snowed in! So I netflixed the movie: Food Inc. which I recommended last week. It is a MUST SEE for all Americans, and was a very well put together documentary that really gave insight to our food production from seed to consumption in this country.  I used to think that ignorance was bliss, when it came to the foods we eat. Now I just think it’s very dangerous.

I was struck by many emotions while watching the film: disgust, frustration, and surprise from some revelations that were new to me. This world we are living in today, people, truly is toxic. We are pumped daily with negative vibrations from the food we eat to the entertainment and commercial imagery flashed at us every 2.2 seconds. It is incredible as a human race, how far we really have strayed from a sacred garden culture in tune with universal order into a strange and sadistic death consuming culture that thrives on hoarding resources from each other and mother earth and mass producing and cloning animals as if they were robots with no life force. Then what happens to us when we consume these vibrations? What do we become? Think about it.

The majority of us actually believe that our food comes from the grocery store and have no idea how to cultivate plants. If you were left out in the wild, would you know what to eat to survive? Very few people still do. I sure don’t, but my mother could. A couple years ago, when she visited me in my days of inhabiting the concrete jungle in NY, she recognized an edible plant, a derivative of spinach that was growing wildly right outside my brownstone in Crown Heights. She has two large gardens in our home, and just before the winter hit us hard, I was going into my backyard to “make my salad.” 

This simple daily act, brought back the realization and frustration with our modern system. FOOD IS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE! Now the entire world has been infected by this Western mental illness that thrives on greed and leads us all to believe not only that we should pay for our food, but that we should pay less for foods that have been engineered and more for life sustaining food that is from nature? A major point emphasized in the film was that our genetically engineered, processed foods are cheap because of the government subsidizing of the corn industry. All of those crazy non-pronounceable names like xanthan gum, malodextrin, sucrose, ascorbic acid etc. that are in cheese, coke, jelly, fast foods, cereals, and on and on—-are all derivatives of corn.

 We are living under the illusion of freedom, our seeds are now being controlled by a corporation. What happens if they decide to stop production? That is a lot of power in the hands of people that have clearly demonstrated they have no concern for the well being of any form of life. I just pray that when and if the *&%$ really does hit the fan, there is some safe haven left on this planet for me to retreat to. David Wolfe said half-jokingly  in a video I watched recently that the major problem in this world isn’t our wars, or the economy, or crime, it’s constipation. Most people really are full of *&%$ and it has repercussions for all of us.

I really wish that we could invade Capitol Hill, and force all of the representatives to get a colonic.  Since we can’t, and these food laws that help corporations thrive on exploiting the general population and patent our seeds–the true source of food– are already in effect, it is up to us to take actions that instigate change whether it’s eating raw or at the very least a processed-food-free diet, learning to grow plants, buying local and organic, or finding our own little way of supporting the rights of our farmers, our animals, our planet, and our right to be healthy.

All that said, I am frustrated, but hungry for change.  Are you? For the sake our toxic world, I really hope so. Below I have posted the trailer for Food Inc. once again. WATCH THE MOVIE.       -XoXo Raw Girl


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