Why Eat Organic? Dangers of GMO Foods Proven

February 10, 2010

While browsing and doing research on an entirely different topic,  I stumbled upon an article on Raw Food Life, which discussed a new study on Monsanto’s genetically modified, what they rightfully called “frankenfoods.” If you don’t know anything about Monsanto, please watch Food Inc. or do some research. These gangsters patent our seeds and have been responsible for delivering and selling us GMO food and putting a great deal of farmers in America out of business.  The gist of the findings is that all GMO foods have pesticide residue that is very harmful to the body and do real damage to major organs including: the kidneys, liver, the dietary detoxifying organs, the  heart, adrenal glands, spleen and more. Does that GMO apple look as good to you now? I hope not. If you haven’t jumped on the organic bandwagon, you are putting your long-term health in jeopardy.  Read below to get the full low down. – XoXo Raw Girl



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