Shoeholic? More Like Organic Veggieholic.

February 11, 2010

This singer and former model of Nigerian descent named Tinu, caught my eye the other day when a friend passed along an article about her. I found the video for her song “Shoeholic,” extremely amusing. As someone who was making clothes for her dolls at the age of four, and spent most of her formative years obsessed with clothes and fashion–(was even best dressed in high school)– I deeply related to the idea of being obsessively driven to obtain an item of clothing. For me at the current time it’s vintage jumpsuit-aholic, wide belt-aholic, and thigh high boot-aholic. Thank God I have learned how to walk away, but sometimes, I still can’t pass up a good find. Last but definitely not least, I will always be an organic veggieholic. At least that obsession will keep me young, healthy, and fit enough to wear the heck out of my designer clothes. -XoXo Raw Girl


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