Say What: McCain is Messing With My Supplements?

February 16, 2010

I smell a cat fight. For real people, somebody might have to hold me back while I take off my earrings and stilettos, because I’m about to lay down a can of whoop ass.

Apparently the beloved Senator McCain has filed a new bill called the Dietary Supplement Safety Act.  This law would in essence give the FDA the power to ban certain supplements, and reclassify others making some only available as drugs, no longer over the counter. As nutrient-starved as we are in this culture, now they want to regulate our supplementation?

Some recent incidents with “supplement abuse”  (more like steroids) by professional athletes was one of his primary arguments for this bill. Do the actions of a handful of professional athletes really have to impact the availability of supplements for the general population? Something smells very fishy, besides all the salmonella recalled produce. Please visit the link below to read more, and also click TAKE ACTION which will allow you to join the campaign to STOP THIS BILL!              – XoXo Raw Girl

Click Below to Read More on the Alliance for Natural Health website:



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  1. i like your posting

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