Are You Green With Envy?

February 18, 2010

“Jealousy Works The Opposite Way You Want It To.”

At Lululemon Athletica, the yoga/athletic apparel store, this is one of the many quotes on their very cute totes covered with  inspirations and advice for healthy living. Yes, jealousy really is a sickness. I have known jealous people, been hated on frequently by jealous people in passing, dated jealous people, and befriended them. Now, I just smile and sashay the other way when I see them coming (and I can sense them a mile away). I learned by associating with these green-faced folks that like any sickness or virus, jealousy looks for way to spread. If it can’t convert you into being envious yourself, you may just find your endeavors, dreams, or self-esteem being marred by the jealous people around you. So choose the company you keep wisely.

To those still green with envy: the only damage you are doing by being jealous is to yourself. Rather than deeply indulging in that feeling, why not use it as a helpful sign post for needed change? Either decide to delve deeper into self-acceptance, or take on new skills that will take you one step closer to the career, status, or energy that you are envious of.  Try to keep the greens in your smoothie or daily juice, and you may also feel your “green with envy” syndrome dissipate. Or continue to wallow and wail about so and so and what they are and aren’t doing, but just know that your only adding fuel to their fabulous fire.

– XoXo Raw Girl


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