Shopper’s Guide to Avoid Gentically Engineered Foods!

February 23, 2010

The other day I stumbled upon this incredibly handy (FREE!)Β  pocket guide, which is published by True Food Network. Since learning about genetically engineered food, I have been well—a little freaked out— to say the least, even though I eat organic. It was refreshing to look through this list and have a clearer idea of what exactly GMO’s and GE Food are, and what brands may use them. According to the guide, the only genetically modified fruit currently on the market is papaya from Hawaii. So if you are predominantly a fruit and veggie eater, and you don’t indulge in processed foods, you should be safe. Non-organic produce eaters primarily have to worry about the pesticides, but at least for now thankfully, no need to worry about genetically engineered veggies. If you do eat processed and/or package foods, this is a handy guide to carry around while shopping to avoid consuming food that may have been prepared with or contain genetically engineered food. Anything labeled organic, or 100% organic cannot, by law, contain any genetically engineered foods. Meat-eaters who are not eating grass fed, free range meat,Β  have much cause to be worried because those animals are usually raised on feed produced from genetically engineered crops.

To download your own handy food guide visit the link below:


-XoXo Raw Girl



  1. Thanks for the resource!

    • Your welcome!!! I checked out your blog. If you want a real way to get into that bikini and look fabulous try going raw for thirty days to start and you’ll see some real results πŸ™‚ Need any guidance, let me know! -XoXo Raw Girl

      • 30 days seems like quite a bit for a novice to go raw. I was thinking something like Kenzie’s 10 day cleanse just before the big day. Thoughts?

      • When is your big day? So I know the time frame you are working with. The ten day cleanse is only going to get you a little bit of results and wont stick for very long afterwards—you’ll drop mostly water weight. My rates are incredibly affordable I could work you through a 30 Day alkaline/vegan diet. Would not have to be all raw. Really what you want to do to see results is eliminate acidic foods from your diet for a period of time—meat, dairy, and processed foods. This alone will get you to your goal. Anything is possible, but sacrifice is necessary to get anything worth having. YOU CAN DO IT! πŸ™‚ – XoXo Raw Girl

  2. Hi Esosa Montsanto is planning a large takeover of the alfalfa seed industry with genetically modified seed. Please notify everyone to complain to the US Department of Agriculture before March 3, 2010. Montsanto’s greed could soon put all organic farmers out of business! Go to http://ga3.org/campaign/alfalfaEIS/explanation This notification was sent out by The True Food Network! Please forward to everyone on your network! Thanks! Bobbi

    • Thank you for this alert! Will post something soon. It is unfortunate that we have to be “Raw Police” 24-7. There’s always somebody trying to eliminate sources of natural food—and the Monsanto gangsters seem to be the main culprit. SIGH. -XoXo Raw Girl

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