New Article: Finding Pure Energized Water Admist the Scarcity

February 24, 2010

For the past several months, I have been on a mission to find the best water source. When you really think about how crucial water is to the human body,  you will realize that optimizing your water intake alone without even changing our diet can do wonders for your health. After doing some research, I  decided to save up to purchase a water ionizer.  Recently I also discovered another much cheaper option that may allow me to drink oxygenated (but not ionized) water at home. In the past I drank reverse osmosis water occasionally, but I discovered that the pH of reverse osmosis water is actually acidic—and of course the goal is to create and maintain an alkaline environment in the body.  Outside of that I drank filtered water, which also isn’t horrible, but sometimes depending on the filter, you still may be getting a nice dose of toxins in that tall glass.

Several organizations have conducted studies on bottled water, and discovered that the majority of bottled water brands are just glorified tap water, sometimes even worse than tap. As far as distilled goes, it is at least a neutral pH. Some people say that it is not good long-term because it is stripped of natural minerals, but other official sources claim that it isn’t that big of an issue because most of our minerals come from the food we ingest. So for now, I am consuming distilled bottled water when on the go,  filtered water at home, and making Rejuvelac—a fermented beverage— more regularly which does wonders for flushing out the body (recipe for that coming soon). The ultimate goal is to purchase an  ionizer or another cheaper option which will deliver me pure, oxygenated water from the comfort of my home. Check out the article below for the full low down on water options:


-XoXo Raw Girl


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