Natural Beauty Highlight: Kompalya Thunderbird

March 24, 2010

Although she most recently  spent most of her time behind the scenes as a radio host, this foxy raw lady in her mid-thirties, still gets holla’d at on the street corners by twenty year olds. When I first met Kompalya years ago, I assumed we were the same age and was shocked to learn otherwise. I appreciated her positive energy, and she was among the fabulous raw foodies who inspired me to change my lifestyle. The best tip I got from her was reading African Holistic Health by Dr. Llaila Afrika. She said if you really want to go raw, read this book. It worked for me. After reading  it I immediately threw out things in my cabinets and started to detox. People thought I was crazy because I started to get paranoid about processed foods, and rightly so. Who wants to know that they are also consuming bleach and paint thinner when they eat their cottage cheese?  Ew. Anyhow, thankfully, this lovely lady has allowed me to interview her and find out how she stays healthy, young, and beautiful. – XoXo Raw Girl

How long have you been raw and/or vegan & what made you transition into eating raw? Are you 100% and if not, why not? What kind of detox process did you go through since starting on this path, ie: fasting, cleanses etc?
I have been raw for five years, it was a natural transition from eating vegan foods that began to stimulate indigestion.  I found raw foods tasty and fit my life style highly during my yoga training.  At that time I was training in Kemetic Yoga and one of the principles was eating more raw plant-based foods as those in times of Antiquity.  RAW foods have a long history that date back the long before the Americas.

I slowly began to comprehend the true Divine principles of Yoga and no longer wanted to consume food that was processed mainly for profit.  Also, an understanding of how the animal kingdom is being treated lead me to forsake meat all together.  The challenging part was to stop wearing our friends, ie, leather, suede etc…

During the first five years I was 100% raw, however due to heavy work demands within the artistic field I did begin to delve in to vegan food again.  I can honestly say it is very harsh on the body. Once you are raw for a long period of time your body chemistry begins to change the slightest in take of sugar made me sick!  My cells and organs could feel the difference and my immunity would weaken almost immediately after eating something processed.

I did not do a detox prior to becoming raw, before being raw I was vegan for 12 years. I felt no need for a harsh detox mainly due to the eating regime I follow. Such as, no eating after 6pm.  I will eat larger portions of food during the day before 3 PM.  I will take healing smoothies in the morning that consist of herbs and vitamins I need for the day.  Drink lots of water and stay away from junk.  I would do a liver flush once a month along with an enema if I felt the need for it.  I will also take my minerals since the soil is so depleted of it at this moment in our history.

What are some of the most immediate benefits: mental, physical, and/or spiritual you have received from changing your lifestyle?
The immediate benefits of being RAW (or vegan) is clarity of mind.  I found it easier to concentrate and stay focused.  I was no longer the angry woman filled with volatile emotions. I noticed an immediate change soon after I cut red meat from my diet.  My weight remained at a steady level for years before changing.  Sorry for any of the MEN reading, but my menstruation was no longer as painful and my moods swings left automatically, if like magic.  I noticed a serious difference in my choices in how I looked at myself and the world.

Do you supplement? And if so, what supplements do you take? I use supplements, at this time I take liquid vitamins from an organic company. I felt my energy level increase a lot after taking organic liquid vitamins.

What do you believe defines true beauty? I love this question!! Esosa thank you for asking women this question! To me the true definition of beauty is defined by the essence of our character the deeds we have done for others, the process in which we manifest our true divine selves in this world and how we reach to others.  We are all beautiful and no one culture holds the blue print to beauty.  We can all rest in the bosom of who we truly are when we reach into our wisdom pool and share it with the world.  True beauty to me is not in the cars we have, the homes we live in, but within the essence of our being! Allowing our inner light to match with the outer world we radiate in beauty.

What is your skin care regimen like? I have no skin care regime, never have never will. I drink lots of water, use natural soap or some times just tea tree oil and lemon mixed together.  Good skin comes from within.

What do you think is the most challenging part about maintaining a raw diet long-term? Have you found it difficult to interact socially: family and other relationships?
It is arduous to maintain a RAW life style long-term. My long-term stresses came from working long hours in the entertainment field and being surrounded by many who did not take health as seriously as I did.  This put a strain not only on my physical body, but in many of my work environments.  I was ostracized, made fun of, talked about and called names by many with whom I worked for and with.  Some tried to comprehend the lifestyle; others did all that I mentioned above.

I realized not everyone is meant to be RAW and at times it is best to tell others you are vegetarian, it eases peoples apprehensions and still allows you to be yourself.  The challenging part was not always having the time necessary to bring my own food to work, which left me at the whim of society. Cooked processed, non organic food.

Dating also became difficult, because many men I met felt they would lose their strength if they are on a complete RAW plant-based diet.  It also became apparent that a few would try to change my diet instead of understanding what the RAW living lifestyle truly is.

I do believe the world is changing for the better. Many people are awakening to the fact that food is a commodity and many corporations are not invested into our health, but profit.  We have to focus on the good changes and collaborate with those who are evolved on the path and those beginning the journey!

How important is your spiritual life & do you think that it has anything to do with your natural beauty & staying young? My spiritual path is important to me, it is like my older sister guiding me along my earth walk.  I am not sure if my spiritual path has anything to do with me staying beautiful or young.  I could be crippled and still be on a spiritual path.  I could be ugly and still be on a path.

Kompalya Thunderbird is a performing artist who has performed in England and in many Off- Broadway Productions in the NYC area.  Her talents in performance lead her to have a successful radio program on Progressive Radio Network for over two years.

Her successful radio program included an annual one month holistic health initiative. Which allowed many non-conventional doctors and holistic practitioners to give advice on natural remedies from colds to cancer.  Her healing practice in Reiki has allowed her to view dis-ease from a different perspective.  “Reiki practitioners have no doubt on the mind, body, soul connection to health and the amazing benefits of healing the energy field”.

Reiki works well in eliminating toxins in the body and in conjunction with regular medical practices. Kompalya has been practicing Reiki since 2003. If anyone is interested in further information on Reiki please contact Kompalya at reikiwisdom@gmail.com.



  1. Love the article. A friend of mine states that Kompalya looks 10 years younger than you mentioned. WOW! I am happy to see a another woman who is raw. She has appeared to face her raw food challenges with grace. ROCK ON!

    • Yes she looks crazy young in person. I was astounded :)Are you raw yourself? If anybody knows any fabulous woman who should be highlighted let me know!! Thanks so much for reading… -XoXo Raw Girl

  2. This is so cool. I love the fact that she defines beauty from within and spoke so honestly on the woes of dating once you are raw or even vegan.
    Also, happy to read of a sister who is into the Kemetic Science.

    Peace & Love.
    Bronx, NY

    • She is eloquent. Yes, the woes of dating are real. I gotta save a whole other article for that! So many beautiful people out there i love it! Thanks for reading – XoXo Raw Girl

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