The FDA Salt Conundrum?

April 27, 2010

So apparently the Food and Drug Administration might make a decision that would actually save lives for once. Who knows what has brought on this brief moment of clarity, but I’m sure you’ve heard that the FDA has just realized it could revitalize the health of Americans by forcing manufacturers to cut down on the salt in processed foods. Cool. That just took thousands of people dying, and getting sick from terminal diseases, and of course the skyrocketing obesity issue. Well I say better late than never, even though I think it some cases, latecomers should wear a dunce cap in class.

If the members of the FDA were in my health 101 class, after putting them in corners with their clearly marked dunce caps,  I would kindly break it down to them that white sugar, white salt, and white flour, are the deadly trinity of substances found in most processed foods in excess that are causing widespread illness and disease. The funny thing is, the reason why a lot of these processed “foods” are loaded with salt and sugar, is that if they were stripped away to their bare ingredients you would taste the fact that what you are eating is not food, it is a processed, sometimes stale mix of chemicals, high fructose corn  syrup, and sometimes even industrial materials!

Apparently this may be a ten year faze out program. I have no idea how you can rationalize taking so long to make a major improvement in the lives of Americans whose health is already in serious jeopardy. In my opinion they need to make that new standard happen, pronto, before we start seeing children with hypertension and heart disease. But until then, I’m avoiding the toxic mayhem altogether and getting my daily  dose of natural salt from my celery juice. – XoXo Raw Girl

Check out the article in the Washington Post:



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