Style Naturally: Taking the Green Movement to Your Closet

May 5, 2010

So, I know I’ve bothered you all with a little bit of fashion rambling a couple of times in the last two months because I can’t help it.  I love, love, love, fashion so I want to share a new side of my fashionista self I am exploring–the ECO-Fashionista. Summer Rayne Oakes, a colleague from my college days,  is now a full-fledged Eco-Supermodel/TV host/Superwoman, and featured me in her book, “Style Naturally.” Prior to this I never thought of my clothing as eco-friendly, but I discovered that it was because I wear mostly vintage, clothes that I barter in clothing swaps, and also clothing that I make myself. I do not wear real FUR, ever, and never will,  but I do wear leather. I hear you hardcore vegans growling, but I only wear vintage leather–I made a conscious decision awhile ago to not buy new leather and contribute to the continuing cycle of animals being slaughtered.

Two weeks ago I was invited to a conference at Fashion Institute of Technology focused on eco-fashion, eco-friendly, green, and sustainable design and living. It was very interesting and some really cool products  caught my eye that I plan to purchase very soon. What excited me most about this movement is that just as we consume green juices, and make sure to get our daily helping of greens in our salads, it is important in this toxic world to also live as green as possible. Meaning, we take into consideration how our lifestyle, our clothes, our food, everything is affecting our planet, and the welfare of our fellow humans and the animal kingdom. Hope to share some cool finds and inspire you to join me on the green journey, inside and out! – XoXo Raw Girl

Click below for an article posted recently about Summer Rayne Oakes:


my photo in "Style Naturally"


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