Natural Beauty Highlight: Nia Reid

May 11, 2010

In this Natural Beauty Highlight I chose to feature model Nia Reid, a colleague  who could almost be one of my anti-aging she-roes, but she’s too young. If you knew her real age, you would understand where I’m coming from because you probably guessed she was in her early twenties, maybe younger. Sorry, think again. I thought of Nia because in the past we have had extensive conversations about health, and she does regularly incorporate raw foods and cleansing to optimize her beauty and well-being. – XoXo Raw Girl

Are you raw and/or vegan &  if so what made you transition into eating raw/vegan? No, I am not 100% raw or vegan. I try to do about 40% raw 60% cooked and if I have cooked food and nothing raw with it, I take vegan enzyme supplements that break the cooked food down and send it to the right places in my body.

What kind of regular detox or cleansing do you do if any? Every once and a while, I will either do the master cleanse for a couple of days or some form of juicing. Usually the beginning of Spring ( I take spring cleaning literally!) Or when I feel like I have been eating something not good etc… It just depends.

What are some of the most immediate benefits you experienced: mental, physical, and/or spiritual you have received from changing your lifestyle to a healthier one?

The benefits I feel from changing my lifestyle to a healthier one or rather just living a healthier lifestyle are: My skin is nice, beautiful, and supple. I heal a lot faster, my hair is healthy and grows faster. I don’t really feel weighed down by what I eat cause I make a conscious decision to eat only what’s good for my body. Even if I must have something sweet, I make sure that its real chocolate or healthier sweets (if there is such a thing!) that won’t do damage and I will eat it in moderation. Also, just in general, I feel ALIVE, like my cells are being fed by eating healthier.


Do you supplement? And if so, what supplements do you take?
I have protein/fruit shakes in the morning and I take folic acid vitamins, natural enzymes, and liquid chlorophyll.

What do you believe defines true beauty?….And how do you personally maintain a positive self-image and concept of beauty while working in the modeling industry?
Not to sound like an after school special but what I define as true beauty is how you feel within. If you truly tap into the beauty inside, it has no other escape but out. True beauty radiates outward coming from the source of something beautiful within. I choose to maintain this concept dealing in the modeling industry, where surface is everything; but it’s only possible because I know who Nia is. Meaning I am concerned with being the best Nia I can be. There is no competition, even if there are like fifty or more girls at a casting. If they want me, then they want me and I am hired for the job. It has nothing to do with the other girls there. I look at them as company to speak to while I am auditioning!

What is your skin care regimen like?
My skin care regimen consists of me using a natural astringent, then washing my face with a natural soap and heavy moisturizer. Especially at night because as we age, we tend to lose the fatty lipids in our skin that help keep our skin supple and hydrated when we are young, which gives off that natural glow look. So as we age, it’s important to pack on the moisture at night where our skin can absorb it and keep hydrated.

How important is your spiritual life & do you think that it has anything to do with your natural beauty & staying young?
I definitely feel like having a spiritual foundation adds years on your life and keeps you youthful as you age. Feeling full of love, life, God, etc… whatever or whomever you want to salute keeps you focused on the inside instead of the outside. And if you focus on spreading love and happiness to others and being spiritually grounded within, there is no way that it will not radiate outward as unbelievably beautiful. I guess that’s the feeling people get when they sometimes meet people who have that inner glow–it’s almost like an aura  follows them and other people  pick up on that vibration.

What do you do for a living and what drives you? I am currently a working model and enjoy spreading my love and knowledge of the industry. What I offer to aspiring models is an inside look at a working models life,  and tips on how to break in and make a successful career. I’m also in the process of writing my first book about my experiences as a model to help others as they build their careers, and will soon have my own blog on word press. In addition, I am conscious of the environment, preserving the planet, and choose to use natural beauty products–hair and skin care–that I make myself at home.  Last but not least, I have also started a clothing line with the mantra “Fashion made simple.” Any woman could wear my clothes and go from day to evening simply and always be fashionably chic! Look and feel good.


  1. Nia was on Pregnant in Heels, and her “green” lifestyle was seriously called into question. She didn’t have a clue what was in her makeup/beauty. cleaning and household products. Hard to listen to her preaching about a healthy lifestyle when she is clearly uneducated on the subject, and has snotty attitude when challenged about her beliefs.

    • I haven’t seen the interview you are talking about but yes, I know she’s somewhat food conscious, but I have never heard Nia talk about green in beauty products etc. Some people really don’t think about that at all but it really has to be a part of the big picture when living healthy! My motto is not to judge. We are all on the path and do the best we can with what we know when we know it. -XoXo

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