Monsanto Causes the “Invasion of the Superweeds”

May 31, 2010


 It’s high time more people took a stand against genetically modified crops. Thankfully, these “super weeds” are taking a stand for the growing majority of us, that want to live toxin-free. Apparently, when Roundup pesticides and genetically modified Roundup ready crops were introduced, scientists predicted that the pesticides would spawn the growth of different kinds of weeds that could eventually grow resistant to the pesticides. In a recent New York Times article, a range of experts offered their opinion on the subject. One of the interesting points that was made is that the planting of Monsanto crops is working against natural order because of  “mono-cropping” or the cultivation of only one-crop over large areas. With our changing and more and more unpredictable climate, biodiversity, meaning  planting a range of various crops is going to be necessary in order for agriculture to continue to thrive.  Our job as humans is not to alter natural order, but to cooperate with it. These weeds are a MAJOR sign that its time to go back to one. The real issue is, will Monsanto be willing to forgo GREED in order to save our land and the lives of millions of Americans? Please read the full article on the NY Times via the link below. – XoXo Raw Girl 



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Also if you haven’t yet, watch the movie “Food, Inc.” which gives a nice overview of  Monsanto and GMO foods:



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