Planting 101: Raw Girl Braves the Soil

June 2, 2010

Happy June! Hope Memorial Day was lovely for all the raw vegan lovers out there. It was a great day, but it was so hot in DC I  felt like I was walking through a sauna while strolling the streets of Georgetown! Besides working up a sweat outside, and doing a little window shopping, I finally found the time to plant some seeds in the garden. I spent about two lovely hours with my mother in the garden planting melons and snap peas. During our gardening 101 session, I learned so much that I have to break up this planting video into several segments. As promised, I am going to share it all with you.

As much as I love nature, I am definitely not the type you would find going camping, or wanting to sleep in woods somewhere. I despise insects, mostly because they bite the heck out of me, and of course, it hurts. Then there is the fact that my wardrobe is usually flamboyant and most of the garments are either designer or vintage and I hate the idea of messing up my clothes. (Can you say DIVA?) Despite all of these factors, I am determined to cultivate my green thumb, even if I have to paint it on.  So I put on some bummy leggings and braved the soil. All in all it was fun to get a down and dirty and very exciting to be able to eat some veggies straight from the garden. Hope you’ll be inspired to test out your green thumb as well. Even my fellow divas out there— just remember, leave your stilettos inside. – XoXo Raw Girl

Want to look back at some of the veggies planting in my garden? Check out the Planting Preview Video:



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