Cooking with Egg: Chef Egg Demonstrates Knife Skills

June 14, 2010

I always wanted to learn to cut like a real chef. You know how they slice and dice and make everything look so easy because of the way they wield their knives? Well at the Raw Food Festival on June 6th (which was a blast by the way–if you weren’t there you’re definitely square) I met the man who could teach me just that. Chef Egg is his name and teaching culinary skills is his game, at least a great majority of the time. He teaches free cooking classes at the Whole Foods in Silver Spring that school everyone from newbie chefs  to the average Joe on knife skills, sanitation, and basic recipes. Beyond that he also has experience  moonlighting as a private chef. Check out his website: www.cookingwithegg.com and the video below from the festival.  Not only did I get to watch him prepare a colorful, zesty pineapple salsa, I most definitely sampled it and later added it as a topping on my raw falafel. Yum! – XoXo Raw Girl



  1. I liked this! Checked the Web. It was just as great!
    Egg makes it so simple. He is unhurried and calm! May be it is in the foods he eats! I am talking about his temperament!

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes, he is awesome, definitely has a nice temperament, and so naturally engaging with the camera. I know he’snot vegan, but I think he may eat meat that is grass fed, free range, not sure though if all the time?—because I saw a cooking segment that was to that effect on you tube. I have to get over and take some of his free culinary lessons! 🙂 – XoXo Raw Girl

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