Don’t Microwave Your Health Away: The Perils of Americas Favorite Appliance

July 1, 2010

What ever happened to the hunter gatherer days where we sought our food and gathered sticks and wood and lit a flame to heat it? We are living in a world of fast fixes, and the microwave has become the replacement for the stove in many American homes and the answer to eating warm food in office settings. It’s always hard for me to fathom that a large portion of Americans microwave most of the food they eat, until those random moments when I’m standing in line at a conventional grocery store behind someone who has eight different versions of microwaveable Lean Cuisines in a cart. What is wrong with this picture?

Most people are not hip to the fact that when you microwave, you are not eating food perse; microwaves have the power to mutate the cells in food. I hate to break it to you, but what you put in is not what you get out. In addition to this, even if you are microwaving some fresh organic veggies, what you get out will not only have dead nutrients, but it may be carcinogenic! One of the first things I did when I got seriously raw and vegan was give away my microwave. It really is  best to just not have it around. Even if you yourself do not use the microwave, and others do, the bad news is the radiation from the microwave can still have adverse affects on your health. A friend passed along an extensive article written by Dr. Mercola on the hazards of microwaving, which you can access via a link below. Just to drive it home if you can’t read the whole thing, here are some of the main points you need to grasp concerning this dangerous appliance. -XoXo Raw Girl

  1. Microwaves change the molecular structure of your food! Meaning, what you put in is not what you are getting out.
  2. When you microwave in plastic and paper containers carcinogens can leach out of them into your food. Some common toxins include BPA (found in plastic), beneze, toluene, xylene, etc.
  3. Microwave radiation leakage—-or waves that leak out while your appliance is in use can cause long-term health damage to the heart, and the eyes (cataracts), and also general sickness including: insomnia, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, depression, vision problems, and dehydration to name a few.
  4. When you microwave your food, you kill the nutrients, or in the worst cases make your food carcinogenic.
  5. Radiolytic compounds, which are not found anywhere in nature or in food are created when food is microwaved, and it has yet to be determined how exactly this adversely affects one’s health.

To read the full article visit the link below:




  1. Thank you for this tidbit! I am trying to be a more dedicated and conscious vegan so this is very helpful.

    • You are very welcome!! 🙂 It’s amazing how so much of what is considered the norm is actually toxic for us. -XoXo Raw Girl

  2. oh well i need my microwave. Not interested in going raw or giving up meat and going vegan……I dont believe the articles anyways never heard of anyone dying from a microwave

    • No one dies from one use. Its over long periods of time and eating the foods that can cause the onset of other diseases. By the time it hits you; you’ll have no idea your microwave was linked to your condition. Wishing you the best of health, XoXo Raw Girl

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