Planting 101 Cont’d: Organic Farming in a Toxic World

July 8, 2010

Sadly, this is the last of the planting 101 series… In this video, my mother discusses the difficulties that come with organic farming. I found this very interesting, because I had no clue how much our toxic environment can hinder organic farming. Since my planting 101 session, I haven’t been back in the garden. Nevertheless, I have seen and chowed down on  some of the fruits of our labor! I have to say I do feel a little guilty for being a lazy raw foodie, but the the scars from the bites on my legs remind me that the joy of planting may for me, be accompanied by another mosquito-make-out-sesh. We have some very cute cucumbers that have grown, and I’m still raiding the backyard for greens and scallions whenever I need them. Soon and very soon, I’ll upload another  video to show you some of these lovely veggies. For now, check this out! – XoXo Raw Girl



  1. Wow! This is some very powerful stuff!!! So, no wonder the organic food is so expensive!! You see, for a long time, I have been arguing that the organic food should be cheaper since I thought it doesn’t take much to grow and maintain!
    Ohooo! have I been so wrong!! considering the fact that organic food is fighting an upward battle! it takes much more energy to protect and maintain as the war now is against the viruses that are attcking the unprotected food!!
    Thanks for sharing this information with me! Believe me, I am so enlightened now, and I will not complain about the expensive organic foods anymore!!!!

    • Hi Dr. Francis 🙂 Yes, when you think about all of the health bills and doctors visists you are avoiding, consuming organic food does not seem so expensive in the short run! But when you grow your own food and you experience the pleasure of natural order, and nature providing food for FREE, sometimes its still annoying to have to shell out so much cash for food!! At the end of the day, all we need to live is supposed to be provided for us, but the system we live in forces us to shell out a pretty penny to stay healthy. – XoXo Raw Girl

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