Dear Raw Girl…How to Stay Acne Free from A to E?

September 13, 2010

Hey lovely readers: So I’ve been inspired to get off my lazy no-blogging raw behind and add in a new segment called Dear Raw Girl. Feel free to comment and ask any raw food/health related questions  relevant to topics covered in my blog and I will do my best to give you any information I think may help you along your path. Thank you to Brian, who inspired me to create this segment.  Here is his letter:

Dear Raw Girl: Thanks for the informative article and blog! I’m a new reader, but I have already learned a lot about eating more wholesome and healthy foods. I was just wondering about the best order for getting rid of acne. I have been reading about (a. Juice fasting; b. Drinking Rejuvelac; c. Colon cleanses; d. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar; e. eating raw foods) but I am confused about the order they should be performed in. And one final question, what is the frequency you would recommend for (the points above I mentioned) a-e? I am looking forward to your more in-depth article and appreciate your help.


Dear Brian,

First off thank you for this question. I completely understand where you may be coming from, because in my own experience when I was frustrated with acne and ready to change my lifestyle I was not sure at all where to start, although I knew there were a number of things to start with. So I will break down for you the process I went through, in the hopes that it will assist you on your personal journey. In answer below, I put the points you mentioned in the order that I approached them. As far as the frequency in which you do any of these things, I think you need to listen to your own body as you go along.

First off, I knew that acne needed to be approached from an inside-out method ( cleaning colon and making my body more alkaline) rather than outside-in (creams, lotions, antibiotics etc.), in order to get rid of it for good. My first goal was to CLEAN MY COLON. Now the process of cleaning your colon can be approached through colonics, enemas, colon cleanse powders. In tandem with this, what makes a colon cleanse more successful and helps the body eliminate more waste is JUICE FASTING.  I went through a period of a couple of months of on and off fasting  and colonics to loosen up and rid my body of old waste. I started with a 3 day green juice fast and eventually worked my way up to 10 days of green juice fasting. If you do juice fast, and do not have any sort of colon cleansing happening during this period you can get sick, dizzy, and very lethargic, because your body is loosening up old waste/toxins, and they need to be flushed out. That said, colonics should only be done if the colon is polyp-free, and should be gravity method (not a machine).

The frequency of the fasting and the juicing will depend on your body, how much waste there is to get rid of and how you feel during the process.  If you have never fasted before check out my article on fasting, and think about starting out with only 3 days max. After I had done the colon cleansing and juicing, I started in on making REJUVELAC and drinking it daily (this is totally healthy), and got even heavier with EATING RAW FOODS.  In about two months, my skin went from acne covered to completely blemish-free. 

Later on, when I had a relapse of breakouts, I realized that there was an additional issue that I needed to address, which I discovered was PARASITE CLEANSING. I figured out that the sugar and starch cravings I had while I was still battling acne, came from parasites and so I agressively started to battle parasites, which inlcuded adding daily consumption of diluted APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Besides the parasites, the point of the apple cider vinegar is to make your body more alkaline. I am not sure what your diet consists of now, but depending on where you start you will have different challenges. I was already a vegan, but I was consuming too little vegetables, and too much starch and sugar. If you are not vegan, in general to battle acne you will have more success if you cut out mucus forming/acidic foods: junk/processed foods (chips, cookies, sodas, candy), meat, dairy, fried foods, refined starches, and refined sugars.

I really hope this helped you! Feel free to comment if you have any additional questions or concerns. You’re already halfway to living acne free from a-e since you have all the information, you just have to summon up the courage to jump in there and listen to your body as you go along. -XoXo Raw Girl



  1. Thanks so much for taking time out to help clarify and outline a step by step process to stay acne free. I now have a better road-map and will be starting my first 3 day juice fast on Tuesday. Thanks again.


    • You are so welcome Brian! I am really glad it was helpful. Best with your juice fast! 🙂 – XoXo Raw Girl

  2. Thank you so much for posting this I too was unsure of what I was doing next to help my skin after being 80% percent raw for thirty days my skin is 100x better but still breaking out so I’m gonna jump start next month with a three day juice fast and colon cleanse and then try 100% raw thanks soooooooooo much for the post !!!

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