Dear Raw Girl: How to Take On Parasites?

December 4, 2010

Hey lovely readers: I’m continuing on with my Dear Raw Girl category. Feel free to comment and ask any raw food/health related questions  relevant to topics covered in my blog and I will do my best to give you any information I think may help you along your path. Thank you to all of you who have left comments with questions, will do my best to address all of them. -XoXo Raw Girl

Dear Raw Girl,

Hi ! You rock with all this valuable info. Thanks for sharing. Meanwhile, would a 3 week water fast help? I am also considering taking some strong medications if I am not ready for the long water fast? Herbs are good but do they do the whole job…from adult to hatchlings to eggs…lots of the symptoms resurface after a few months due to the eggs getting fed again…And lastly, when you eat the greens, do you wash them thoroughly and/or steam/cook them? I have come to the conclusion that raw doesn’t help and just adds to the risk of prolonged infection…steaming or cooking (Not frying) has a better value…we got to decide parasite v/s nutrition…I would take no parasite over low nutrition (through cooking)…saves a lot more time and headaches…wat you say? -P

Dear P:

Thanks so much for checking out the blog, and especially for taking the time to educate yourself about parasites. It is a serious epidemic that more Americans need to get hip to in order to enjoy optimal health.

As far as water fasting…Water fasting is definitely tricky and should in my opinion be done under supervision of a health professional if done for weeks at a time. It has definitely been known to cure a host of issues, and flush out the body. I am not completely certain about this, but I don’t believe that water fasting alone can rectify a serious parasite problem. Parasites need to be flooded with herbs/substances that weaken them and the body needs to have the right amount of good bacteria to create a parasite hostile environment. Rather than fasting on water, you could do a green juice fast and avoid sugars, and also take a parasite cleanser with the herbs necessary to kill them. In tandem with this, just taking apple cider vinegar everyday diluted in water can kill parasites living in the digestive tract. I personally would NEVER take heavy medications, as they usually kill both the good and bad bacteria. The parasite problem will just come back full force if you are not taking probiotics to replenish your good bacteria. If you choose to go this route, make sure you thoroughly understand the side effects of the medication.

As far as dealing with greens, you are very correct. Eating raw veggies does put us all at great risk for contracting more parasitic infections, but so does a host of other things from kissing, to shaking hands, or dealing with pets. Because it is so easy to contract parasites, it’s recommended that you undertake a parasite cleanse twice a year for regular maintenance. The key to killing parasite eggs is CLOVES. I realized that when doing a cleanse that I needed to take clove capsules in addition to the cloves in the herbal cleanse to ensure I was killing the parasite eggs.

I find that after about six months, some of the symptoms come back, probably due to exposure of various kinds. However, this does not mean you cannot eat your raw greens. I wash all my veggies very thoroughly with a Veggie Wash that removes pesticides and dirt; there is also the option to buy food grade hydrogen peroxide and wash your veggies in that solution. I am totally not opposed to eating steamed veggies from time to time, but I believe its worth the extra step of thoroughly cleaning your veggies to get live nutrition on a regular basis! -XoXo Raw Girl



  1. Hi Raw Girl

    Thanks for your response. I am currently doing the high green + high herb/spices (including cloves as you mention) + two market parasite cleaners + very very very little overt carbs. I can slowly see the relief, but my research and experience is that the bugs come back.

    I have protozoa infection so there is no question of eggs and hatchlings. Single cell parasites reproduce asexually, but i am taking all the herbs and spices i can.

    My stool tests also show that my friendly bacteria is NG. i.e no growth. So I dont have much friendly bacteria to worry about losing if I take antibiotics. A site badbugs.org is out there with the most exhaustive research on DF and BH (the bugs that have infected me). The owner of the site who is a parasite survivor shares that ultimately a antibiotic concoction of high potency for a short duration (instead of the typical dosage of medium potency for long duration where the bugs learn to adapt to the medication) helps solve the problem 80% of the time.

    I will probably do the medication after a few weeks. And then use probiotics to get the good flora back. Fasting for 3 to 4 weeks is an option but doing it for so long under supervision is costly and emotionally, physically and financially draining. There is a retreat that I could go to, but again 3 to 4 weeks sounds too much for me now.

    I will keep you posted. Cheers, P

  2. Good Luck on your journey. Keep visualizing and affirming health, I’m sure you’ll find the right path for you! -XoXo Raw Girl

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