Dear Raw Girl: Flouride in Water?

January 8, 2011

Dear Raw Girl,

I have just come across your site whilst searching for alternatives to toxins pesticides and all the rubbish there forcing upon us. Your write ups are very interesting and just wondered what your thoughts on fluoride in water are? Thank you for your inspiration!

– Miss S May

Dear Miss S May:

Thank you for your question! 🙂 I stopped messing with fluoride a long time ago, I don’t even buy toothpaste with fluoride. At the end of the day despite what a lot of sources purport, fluoride is a poison. Once I stopped brushing with fluoride, my teeth actually got stronger and were less prone to cavities. That said, if I am not willing to brush with it, I am definitely not willing to ingest it. Unfortunately, coming across clean drinking water nowadays takes a miracle or at least some real effort. In fact, the only way to ensure you are getting high quality water is to install a high quality filtration system or buy an ionizer which filters your water and adds extra oxygen to the water, making it superior for your health.

As soon as I started on the raw path, I started to avoid tap water completely, and most brands of bottled water. For the past couple years, I have been primarily drinking reverse osmosis water, which is free from chemicals, chlorine, etc. but is also stripped of some minerals that may be beneficial to the body. There are systems however, that re-mineralize the water after its been filtered through the reverse osmosis process. This month I am taking my next step and buying an ionizer! This water is truly healing and invigorating, and has helped tons of people recover from terminal illnesses, lose weight, heal minor aches and pains, clear skin, and improve digestion to name a few. If you can, I highly recommend you invest in an ionizer, if not, make sure to filter your water with the best system you can find. Check out the links below for more info.-XoXo Raw Girl

Here are 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation:


For more about water options, check out my article “Finding Pure Energized Water Amidst the Scarcity”:


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