Ban on Traditional Medicines in Europe!

January 17, 2011

It’s starting my friends. Our freedom to achieve optimal health is slowly but surely being eroded as laws are going into effect that will limit our access to organic foods, high quality supplementation, and natural medicines. This year, beginning in April, many traditional medicines will no longer be available in Europe. The more I read, the more outraged I become.

The FDA in cohorts with major corporations, and individuals/entities concerned with GREED and the control of the worldwide population is not going to stop jeopardizing our freedoms. Products and foods that are natural are being attacked in a real, mafia-like way. Why? Because they are POWERFUL. The more we take our own health in our hands, avoid using pharmaceutical drugs, and become independent beings who consume foods full of life force, the more power we have to exercise our minds and bodies, to create, and to consider opposing a power paradigm that is intent on us becoming dull, lifeless, disease-ridden, and drug dependent puppets for the system. Please read more about this ban, and about CODEX in the links below, and visit the Alliance for Natural Health site to take action on their petitions or donate.  If you think we don’t got next, please think again! CODEX guidelines that regulate our food supply and are expected to be implemented in 2012. This may be the last year to stock up on all things herbal, or at the very least learn how to grow them ourselves before the veggie indefinitely hits the fan. -XoXo Raw Girl

To read more about this ban visit:


To read more about CODEX, visit:




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