Kick Your Smoking Habit, Naturally…

January 24, 2011

In this toxic world, unfortunately many of us have conquered healthy diet, but have resorted to polluting our body temple by other means. When it comes to smoking, it doesn’t help that movies and other advertisements continue to verbally promote that smoking is “cool.” Its too bad we never get to see the after effects in these films, because seeing James Dean struggle with lung cancer is definitely not cool.

Unfortunately often times these addictions are then addressed by prescribing stimulants or drugs, that may contribute to the damage in the long-run. Below is an interview with Dr. Yew of Yew360 Wholistic Health & Wellness, discussing how one can overcome nicotine addition the natural way. He has started a support program for those in the DMV interested in kicking their smoking habit naturally. If you or someone you know could benefit from this please see his contact info at the end of this post. -XoXo Raw Girl

What are some of the adverse affects that smoking can have from a holistic perspective?

Smoking on a physical level pollutes the body, congests the liver and lungs with tar, mucous, and a host of known cancer-causing substances.  Smoking is linked to approximately 90% of lung cancer incidents and resulting deaths.  It can either have an overstimulatory and/or depressant effect on the mind, causing increasing dependency on lighting up to feel good, and in some cases, to even function normally.  It also ultimately lowers the spirit, which is reflected in the lapse of willpower a lot of people have with quitting.  It’s used as a spiritual crutch, and if you eventually want those legs to get stronger, you have to do some therapeutic work and let those crutches go.

A lot of smokers try a range of things from patches to prescription drugs to break their habits. What are your thoughts on this?
The drugs (including the patches) are designed to lower the physical urges of cigarette smoking by stepping down the level of nicotine or nicotine-like substances smokers would normally take in.  Many find these methods to be ineffective because your body is still being supplied with some type of drug or potentially addictive substance, whether it’s still nicotine or a replacement, which is further stored by the body, contributing to its toxicity and congestion, which can have a negative effect on the nervous system.  On a correlated note, smoking is primarily caused by psychological and spiritual dis-ease, so if those aspects are not dealt with, relapses are subject to occur.

Have you had any clients successful kick their nicotine addiction naturally? How long can a process like that take?
It’s always a challenge dealing with clients who have a substance abuse addiction, especially with cigarettes, because nicotine can be more addictive than heroin.  So just as if I’m dealing with a heroin addict, if the treatment and counseling approach is not very consistent and hands-on, I’ve found that my clients have had trouble with applying the recommendations and following the regimens given.  Often, what we need most to make and stick with positive changes in our lives, besides a great practical plan, is motivation and a good support system – something many smokers lack in this stressful and individualistic society.  This is one of the reasons I’m starting this 30-Day Smoking Detox program, which will be a group effort.  It’s a new venture for me, so I don’t have any success stories to share as of yet, but I’ve been taught by some of the best who do have plenty of successful experiences, so I’m looking forward to some excellent results in making this difference.

What types of foods or lifestyle changes best support efforts to quit smoking?
Partnering with someone who has the same goal is a great start.  This way, you can exchange ideas to form a solid and practical approach to quitting, and you can be each other’s support system.  Making the effort to start with more easily applicable short-term goals is another way to keep things moving.  It helps to drop the discouragement factor by not overwhelming yourself, and therefore helps to build confidence and motivation on this mission – two of your best allies.  Highly caffeinated and sugary foods and beverages can be very disruptive agents when your agenda is disposing of addictive substances, so I would recommend avoiding them whenever possible.  Some of my clients have found licorice sticks (commonly referred to as chew sticks) to be beneficial in reducing cravings and agitation, while increasing calming and cooling foods such as fresh green lettuces, chards, and cauliflower can work in your favor too by strengthening your body’s natural resistance to stressors.

After one has successful quit, are there any foods or herbs that can assist with regenerating the lungs and clearing up any damage done?
There are plenty of foods and herbs that can help to regenerate the lungs.  Vitamins A, C, & E, which are abundant in papayas, mangoes, watercress, parsley, and green leafy vegetables across the board are essential to this process.  They synergistically help to hunt down free radicals that damage the body, fortify the immune system, and facilitate tissue repair.  There are also other herbs such as lungwort and fenugreek, which can tone the lungs and/or work towards removing mucous plaque and tar buildup.

Dr. Yew is looking for approximately five individuals who want to quit smoking here in the DMV to form a support group and complete a 30-day detoxification program with discounted natural products and services. If you are interested, or know of someone who may be, please contact him ASAP. Email is contact@yew360.com and phone # is (202) 413-4581. Sign ups for this group ends January 27th. For more info about his practice visit www.yew360.com

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