Taco Bell Fiasco: Fast Food = Fast Death

January 28, 2011

Hope everyone is staying warm in this crazy DMV weather! It took me three hours to get home yesterday, after leaving my car in a parking lot and hitching a ride with a family member. Then to top it off, got home and internet and power shut down before I could finish this post! Needless to say, I am ecstatic that all’s well now and I will never take lights and heat for granted again.

You may have already heard yesterday about the law suit being filed against Taco Bell. When I heard about it, I really was not surprised. It must have been over ten years ago, that I ventured into Taco Bell to purchase a meal. I remember my mother used to take us there from time to time and we would buy tacos and take them with us to the movies. Back then I always wondered (in my meat-eating, fast food ignorant days), what the heck I was exactly eating, although I didn’t know to ask. Now that I have undergone my complete vegan transformation the thought of consuming one really makes we want to hurl.

According to the lawsuit in addition to the mere 35% beef that is in their tacos, Taco Bell has also included: “water, wheat oats, soy lecithin, maltodextrin, anti-dusting agent and modified corn starch.” Anti-dusting agent? Really? See guys, this is what started to drive me bonkers when I began this journey that lead me to raw foods. When I discovered that products like cottage cheese have bleach in them, and that there are countless chemical laden processed foods with industrial or lab-made materials, I refused to eat any of it. NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE FOOD. Taco Bell, McDonald’s un-chicken nuggets, and all the other fast food chains and processed food manufacturers really should be forced to own up to the fact they are not selling food. If you are going to be allowed to sell me blended animal parts mixed with chemicals, then I should know and it should be labeled as such. So I really hope this lawsuit serves as forewarning to other fast death chains or at best gives Taco Bell a run for their money. –XoXo Raw Girl

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  1. I eat healthy, and I understand the importance of eating raw fruits and vegetables, but there can come a point when one becomes obsessed with the quality of what they consume – when a line needs to be clarified between the sensible and senseless. I ate half of a small fry from Wendy’s today and it was great. I also had an organic salad with grilled chicken for dinner. Preservatives and additives are a reality in our technologically advanced age. To claim that these foods are not foods is senseless. To claim that eating only raw foods is healthy is also senseless. Perhaps you need to educate yourself before you make such ridiculous comments. If we had no preservatives in our food, we would starve to death. By the way, all fast food chains now offer healthy foods. If you are afraid of preservatives and soap, you may have a psychological disorder.

    • Wendy do as you wish! I find it kind of comical that some people feel a need to defend their diets. What this blog is about is showing options and presenting experiences from my and others point of views who have experience the awesome benefits of not accepting that we need to consume toxins and preservatives. Its not for everyone. But its clear, that for many the benefits are outstanding. Wishing you the best of health, XoXo Raw Girl

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