Umcka: Natural Remedy for Colds

February 9, 2011

So I never get sick. Or if I do, it usually last for about a day, because I can figure out exactly what caused it and POOF! like magic I’m well again. Last week I had a fever and some itching in my throat. I managed to get rid of the fever and discomfort over night with a combination of things I had at home, including literally chewing on raw ginger. This past weekend though the itchy throat came back to haunt me as a cough, and before I knew it I was completely voiceless.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor, which I hate doing, because in my opinion most physicians are mindless drones who I consider no better than glorified urban drug pushers. Please, ask me questions and diagnose the whole problem, not the symptoms! I think the universe responded to my prior frustration with doctors, because now at Kaiser my primary care doctor is this wonderful woman who actually listens when I tell her I do not take drugs. I went to her with the cough and after determining that I had no serious infection, she recommended a natural decongestant which I was able to pick up at Whole Foods called Umcka by Natures Way, after explaining the history of the medicine. I’m on day two of taking this stuff, and I have to say, in the midst of my annoyance with the fact that I can’t speak, I am really excited to find another natural way to address one of the vicissitudes of winter, the common cold or flu.

So what is Umcka? Umcka, short for Umkaloabo has been used as a remedy for centuries by the Zulu peoples. It is native to South Africa and comes from the root of the South African geranium. Although the Zulu already knew and harnessed the power of Umcka, an Englishman named Charles Stevens claims to have “discovered it” Β when he was given the root by a South African healer and returned to his native country England cured of tuberculosis. (***As a random side note: I get irritated by historical facts that credit the discovery of something to the European who happened to wander to a specific area, remedy, or learn knowledge that was already in existence and utilized by native peoples. Whose the genius..the guy who gets cured or the people smart enough to use it?) Anyway, it wasn’t until many years later in 2008, that Umcka was allowed to be sold to the masses in England, when it was approved to be sold as a cold and flu remedy.

It has been clinically tested and proved to be effective in curing respiratory infections, relieving symptoms of bronchitis and sinusitis, and eliminating any excess mucus. This is achieved apparently because of its ability to modulate the immune system and kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It literally stops their growth, and assists in boosting the immune system. The best part: no negative side effects unless you’re allergic to plants! Β -XoXo Raw Girl



  1. I hope it works for you. I spotted that in Whole Foods two weeks ago and at the recommendation of the clerk I bought it.

    Keep on building your body from the inside and it sounds like you’ll be better in no time!

    I may try chewing on that ginger or going on a juice fast.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ The other secret that usually works that I don’t tell people is I also do an enema or some sort of colon cleanse. In most cases of sickness and/or mucus—like runny nose its related to colon being backed up. But some ailments call for a whole other plan of attack. Thank God for ginger and garlic!-XoXo Raw GIrl

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