Raw Food 4 Thought: Embracing the NOW

March 3, 2011

“Have you ever thought about what you are doing, in each moment, and asked yourself  what is the value of it? If you think a bit further perhaps there truly isn’t a value to anything, just the vibrations that extend from it.  So, in essence there is no waste of time, no waste, no time, just vibrations flowing at the speed of thought and intentions. Which means where you are right now is — right!  Now!” ~ Wanakhavi Wakhisi

It’s incredibly easy when going through experiences that are difficult and challenging to rail against the Divine. Why me? We lament. Why is this happening to me, and why am I meant to go through this experience? It is only after the storm when the rain and thunder cease, and the sun begins to peak brilliantly through the clouds, that we realize that the storm was a necessary part of our experience. It was a moment in time that had to happen, and was right on time to take us to the next, or even perhaps to allow us the priviledge of truly treasuring the sunny days once they’ve arrived. 

I just recently went through an experience that to me in that moment seemed like a “storm.” Now in hindsight, I can see that all the emotions I was caught up in and the negative feelings were a part of my preparation. The experience of being in a situation where my talents and energy were devalued came to help me to shed old habits that were hindering my progress,  to give me confidence in my own abilties, and to spur me to action on my own projects. 

 Are you in a place you don’t want to be? Are you moving through something difficult and can’t seem to understand why this is happening to you? Take a deep breath, and just embrace that moment, the feelings and sensations. Sit with it and look for the good. Find something to be grateful for right then and NOW. Our job is solely to be there in the NOW, and embrace it. Our job is not to question it, to lament it, or to worry about it. Look for the blessing in that moment, and as they say, “This too shall pass.” Perhaps sooner than you think you’ll see sunshine through the rain. -XoXo Raw Girl

Raw Food 4 Thought Quote by: Wanakhavi Wakhisi, a lightworker doing his part to simply help spread more light. You can reach him professionally at wanaimage.com or at thelighthousedc.com or 202.270.9058.


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