VEGGIE LOVE: What is Mache?

April 6, 2011

When I hit up the grocery store, it is inevitable that I will buy several types of greens for the week. I try to change it up and but most weeks I have love affairs with various combinations of arugula (right now arugula is my main green lover–it’s a committed but open relationship), spinach, kale, and a variety of mixed greens. Last week while choosing which greens to get down with besides arugula, I came across Mache. It looked pretty so although I knew my arugula might get a little jealous I added it to the greens for the week and made a variety of salads with mache mixed in.

So what is Mache? Pronounced “mosh.” Well it’s a sweet nutty flavored lettuce sometimes referred to as “Lamb’s lettuce” grown in France. Mache grows very low to the ground so it cannot be mechanically harvested,which makes it more costly to produce, and probably explains why a lot of people might not have heard of it. On the plus side, this pretty lettuce has great nutritional value: 150g or one 5 oz serving of mache contains 95% of the daily recommended value for vitamin C, and 100 g contains half the daily recommended value of Vitamin B9. The high B9 content makes it a great green that is naturally anti-stress, anti-fatigue, and anti-depression. In addition to the potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron it provides, mache also contains a notably high amount of beta carotene, which is anti-aging. I tried it once, and now that I know I get a nice dose of nutritional bang for my buck, an all natural face lift, and little R&R to boot, I am definitely going to add it to the list of greens I love. -XoXo Raw Girl


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