Eat Something Sexy: 10 Raw Food Aphrodisiacs

June 22, 2011

Photo credit: 10000besides.com

Who says you can’t be a sexy raw foodie?  When people think of raw food or raw foodists for that matter, they most often do not think of either as sexy. However many raw foodies are proving just the opposite; if we are what we eat and our diet helps us to remain vibrant, youthful, and energetic, we most certainly can bring sexy back. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are a great deal of raw vegan foods that can help anyone do just that  because they happen to be natural aphrodisiacs.

For ages many cultures have deemed certain foods because of their aroma, appearance, or powers of stimulation, the magical and mysterious label of aphrodisiac. These luscious foods are not only packed with nutrition, they can be used to seduce a potential lover, enhance lovemaking,  increase sexual desire, and in some cases were used to cure impotence and infertility. Below is a list of sexy raw foods, that can add a little passion, flavor, and spice back in your love life.

  1. Arugula One of the oldest known aphrodisiacs, arugula, also known as “rocket seed”  has been used in this capacity since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Romans. This spicy and earthy flavored lettuce is rich in Vitamin A, C, and iron, and apparently clears the mind while simultaneously  increasing power and energy.  Try tossing this into a mixed green salad on a dinner date;  you may skip the dessert.
  2. Avocado This creamy textured fruit has a feminine shape  but it’s actually more associated with male sexuality. The avocado tree, which grows with the fruit hanging in pairs was referred to as “Ahuacuatl” or testicle tree by the ancient Aztecs. Avocados are so sexy in fact, they were banned by Spanish priests in the middle ages. Beyond their titillating properties, avocados can boost immune function, are known to help anti-aging, and are a great source of B6 and potassium.
  3. Almonds Men take note: apparently the smell of almonds turns women on. For ages, almonds have been considered fertility symbols; they also contain high doses of vitamin E, magnesium, and fiber.
  4. Asparagus Considered an aphrodisiac primarily because of its shape, asparagus was often fed as a prenuptial meal to brides in many cultures. On the nutrition front, asparagus gives your body a nice dose of Vitamin E, which  stimulates sex hormones and boosts sexual powers.
  5. Banana This raw food is packed with nutrition providing the body with potassium, magnesium, B vitamins, and also the bromelain enzyme said to enhance male libido. Also deemed an aphrodisiac because of its phallic shape, Hindus regard it as a symbol of fertility, and Central Americans drank the sap of the red banana to promote sexual desire.
  6. CacaoIn my opinion, you have not tasted the true power of this aphrodisiac until you have experienced raw chocolate. This superfood, also known as the “food of the gods”  is one of the most well known aphrodisiacs because of its uncanny ability to stimulate the body and help the brain produce serotonin, which makes us feel in a nutshell, pretty darn good. Cacao also helps to reduce risk of cancer as it absorbs free radicals from the body, can strengthen your cardiovascular system, stimulate your immune system, and reduce chronic fatigue.  Add on top of that the fact that it can be truly orgasmic to the taste, and you’ve got yourself a serious aphrodisiac.
  7. FigsThis fruit, which is one of the oldest recorded fruits on the planet, is said to emulate female sexual organs when cut open. In ancient times, the Greeks associated figs with fertility and the beautiful Cleopatra ranked figs among her favorite fruits to consume. Some sources say that figs not only give you great nutrition for sexual health, as they are loaded with manganese, magnesium, vitamin E, and zinc, but also they may have the power to increase sexual stamina.
  8. Ginger Root This root with a spicy kick has been classified an aphrodisiac due to its scent and ability to stimulate the bodies circulatory system which increases sexual desire and also sensitivity in the erogenous zones.
  9. Goji Berries These “happy berries” as they were called in ancient China, have been considered a food source that boosts male fertility for centuries in Asia. In Chinese medicine goji berries are used to strengthen the adrenal system which controls most of the working of the sex hormones. Other modern studies in Beijing have shown that goji berries may contain polysaccharides which help to protect sperm cells. These berries, nowadays known as a “superfood” pack an incredible amount of nutrition including: Vitamins B1, B2, B6, A, C, and E, antioxidants, fiber, and one of the highest levels of beta-carotene of any fruit. Besides helping you get your groove on, these berries will benefit your cardiovascular health and give your body a nice dose of nutrients!
  10. Peruvian Maca This root which can be consumed in the powder form is another “superfood” that makes you want to “turn out the lights.” Nutrition wise, it packs a real punch with Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, essential fatty acids, minerals, enzymes, sterols, and phytochemicals. Incan warriors consumed maca before battle to increase their stamina and strength, but were prohibited from having maca when invading a city, in order to protect the women from the raging sexual libido. Consuming maca can give a general sense of well-being, decrease stress, increase sex drive, and increase adrenaline. Sounds like a thoughtful Valentines Day gift for a significant other that will leave you reaping some benefits as well.

Photo credit: lizi-liza.blog.cz

There are a host of other aphrodisiacs that didn’t make my top ten list including: vanilla, basil, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, chili peppers. Remember, one of the key components to producing amorous feelings within ourselves is possessing optimum health and cultivating balance. At the end of the day our health has a direct effect on our sex drive and reproductive systems. So if you’re desperately searching for a way to bring sexy back, try starting with giving your body optimal nutrition and taking care of you, the best way you can. -XoXo Raw Girl


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