Raw Girl on the Radio!

January 20, 2012

Hey Gang:

Tomorrow, (Friday morning), I will be interviewed on the Newd Radio show “Its the Naked Truth” live @ 10 am! Anyone can tune in via the internet to listen at www.newdradio.com. and beginning next week on January 25th, the pilot episodes of my health radio show “Healthy Living in a Toxic World,” will begin airing on Wednesdays at 5pm. Same place: www.newdradio.com

You don’t want to miss this first episode! I interviewed Bernando LaPallo the 109 year old raw foodist who I previously wrote about on the blog, and got tips from him on living a long healthy life. Feel free to email health questions for future shows to rawgirltoxicworld@gmail.com. -XoXo Raw Girl



  1. Now was time zone is that. EST? Also check your links…is it newdradio.com…or newradio.com

    • 10 am EST. Next week the show begins airing 5pm EST. Thanks 4 tuning in! -XoXo Raw Girl

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