Dear Raw Girl: Going Vegan & Weightloss

January 25, 2012

Source: CocoaReport.com

Dear Raw Girl: Do you think it is possible to be vegan and maintain the same weight? – Ashley Akunna

Ashley thank you for the question, I think this is a concern that a lot of people have. I can completely understand wanting to maintain your current weight. If you choose to adopt a mostly plant-based diet and were not eating that way prior, yes you may lose weight or WASTE initially. Really your body is going to be flushing out unnecessary junk in your colon and waste  sometimes stored up from years of eating processed food, meat etc. What I experienced personally, and have heard from other vegans/raw foodists is that after some time of being consistently vegan the body adjusts, and will normalize at what is a healthy weight for you. Some people say that they gain weight back at this point. It’s like the body has to go back to one, and reset before returning to balance. In addition, the change from meat-eater to vegan is not as drastic as going from meat-eater to raw foods. As a vegan who isn’t predominantly raw there’s still a lot of options that will keep “meat on your bones,” especially if you’re still eating carbs and meat substitutes. So you may not have anything to worry about.

What you should ask yourself is what is more important? Maintaining the weight you are at now…or going with the flow and choosing to be the best, most energized, and healthiest version of you that you can be? Our culture can be quite weight obsessed instead of focusing on what counts…how do you feel, are you productive, energized, and dis-ease free? Instead of focusing on my weight, I have always chosen to focus on the latter.  -XoXo Raw Girl

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  1. I do feel productive, energized, and disease free. I eat well, all things considered. I sometimes go weeks without eating meat. I just want to incorporate more fresh food in my diet, which I am starting to do by adding a side green salad and broccolli with every meal. And substituting white rice with quinoa. However, being on the go I do have my setbacks, where I choose a slice of pizza. For me, being healthy and being comfortable with my body are equally important. So, I will have to come up with a dietary way to satisfy both needs.

    • Sounds good I’m sure you’ll figure it out! -XoXo Raw Girl

  2. Thanks Raw Girl!

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