Raw Girl’s 10 Favorite Snacks On-The-Go

May 10, 2012

Thank you to the lovely reader who messaged me via the Facebook page and asked about snacks. When you’re working hard for your money at a nine to five, I know it’s hard sometimes to keep your stomach from grumbling in between breakfast and your lunch break. If you are not well equipped when you leave your home you will definitely be vulnerable to temptations, or just plain hungry and cranky. No one likes a cranky vegan.

I’ve experienced that low blood sugar cranky vegan meltdown, which is why I try as much as possible to plan ahead. The world is getting more conscious and veg friendly but we still have a long way to go. If you’re a vegan and you get caught in the wrong city or rest stop, all you may have is a McDonald’s to run into and God knows any self-respecting veggie lover wouldn’t be caught dead eating a fast food salad. We have needs. We want our greens organic, we want them fresh, and sometimes we want them local. Catch a veggie diva in the wrong town or at work with no snacks, and you could be walking on eggshells.

How do you avoid the meltdown? You prepare. Find some snacks to bring along with you that you love and find satiating. Although nothing can replace a good solid meal, a snack can usually save you from reaching the brink of veggie desperation.  I’m not really a huge snacker except for when I’m on film sets. On a normal day I usually eat only twice a day and maybe have some fruit or handful of nuts in between. If I workout hard I may get the munchies and eat more or add in additional liquid meals. When you start the day with superfood smoothies, veggie juice, or drinks that give you a lot of nutrients, you will definitely feel less hungry later on.

Below are ten “snacks” I like.  Just because I love them doesn’t mean you should eat them! Find snacks that work for you, and prepare in advance when you know you’re going to need that extra energy boost. If you work at an office, leave snacks in bulk, so that you are pleasantly surprised when you need them. Remember you may not be hungry when you think you are. Learn to read your bodies’ signs. Sometimes dehydration is mistaken for hunger. And don’t underestimate, good old, plain fruit. We’ve been programmed to feel like it’s not a snack unless it’s in a package. In this world of lovely  vegan bars and treats, grabbing a piece of fruit may seem old school, but  sometimes it’s the best way to go. – XoXo Raw Girl

  1. Bananas – This is my number one snack on the go. Why? First off they are quick and easy to eat. And if you didn’t already know, bananas are packed with nutrients like potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium,  phosphorous, iron, and more. All these lovely ingredients make for a snack that will give you a sufficient energy boost if you have a lag in your day, if you’re on-the-move, or even as a pre-workout meal.
  2. Nori –  I have nori or dulse (another sea vegetable) at least once a day. It’s now a staple in many of my salads. This sea vegetable which can also be eaten alone provides the body with Vitamin A, folate, iron, calcium, and protein.  If you are vitamin or mineral deficient eating more sea vegetables will greatly assist in helping your body get the nutrition it needs to thrive.
  3. Coconut Flakes – My mother got me hooked on this! We found these packages of dried coconut flakes, not  the tiny shredded coconut but larger flakes. They aren’t sweetened or anything but for whatever reason chewing on them can be a bit addictive. They quickly became a staple of mine that I carry around in case I need a snack, if of course they can last long enough in my purse before I eat them all!
  4. Seedless Grapes – I personally think grapes are a severely underrated snack. I love them because you can take them on the go and they are mess-free especially when you compare them to fruits you have to peel.  The other great thing about grapes is that they contain a large number of health boosting phytonutrients. One among these is Resveratrol, which studies have shown to increase expression of genes related to longevity.
  5. Goji Berries, Nuts, Seeds – It’s very rare to hear about a raw foodie who has never taken a raw trail mix on the go with an assortment of nuts and seeds. It’s a great, mess-free snack that can be somewhat filling, but I also always remind myself not to overdose on the nuts. Grab a few of your favorite nuts and seeds, soak them and dehydrate them or you can buy the packs that are already live in the grocery store.  
  6. Raw Bars – There are so many “raw” bars  to choose from nowadays. I won’t name any names because I really don’t like plugging brands too much. Some have nuts and seeds that are not soaked, so make sure you know what kind of bar you are eating, especially if your very sensitive to nuts.
  7. Kale Chips – These are so good, and can satisfy a craving for something chip-like. Be economical and make them yourself in a dehydrator and use nutritional yeast to give it a cheesy kick or buy them in the store.
  8. Raw Chocolate – On rare occasions, I treat myself to some raw chocolate, and I’m never disappointed. You can always make yourself feel better after having chocolate because it has all those lovely antioxidants. Obviously bingeing on chocolate will have you bouncing around, but in moderation every now and then a good cacao high will get you through the day.
  9. Kombucha – I call this a snack because I drink Kombucha very often. It almost feels like a meal to me, because I feel full and energized after I drink it. My favorite kind has spirulina in it, so it’s a great pick me up if I happen to be drowsy.
  10. Raw Macaroons – I heart Macaroons, and they are so incredibly easy to make in a dehydrator.  Besides the fact that they can be a nice light dessert, they are also great on-the-go. You can try vanilla, cacao etc. and there are brands you can purchase in health food stores, but you’ll save a decent amount of cash if you make the time to prepare them yourself.

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