Smoothie! Sweet Popeye

May 16, 2012

 Remember Popeye? He was a dedicated vegan cartoon character who got all his energy and robust muscles from regularly gulping down cans of spinach. I’ve posted a recipe for a drink in the past that I call sweet popeye. I had a plain “popeye” smoothie at a raw restaurant that was awesome awhile ago that had only coconut water, coconut meat, and spinach. I loved it and when I got home I tried a couple of my own versions. Sometimes I add pineapple. This lovely version has one banana and some spirulina as well. I’m sure mango would be a fun addition as well. This version I like because the spirulina really does give you an extra super heroine boost. I also enjoy drinking it sometimes after workouts.  If you try your own versions post them on the Facebook page! -XoXo Raw Girl


1 Thai coconut (water & meat)

1 banana

1 medium to large handful of spinach

1 Tablespoon of Spirulina

Blend all ingredients thoroughly. Serve & Enjoy!


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