Synchronicity: A Road Map for Blissful Living

August 1, 2012

Skeptics are quick to say nothing happens for a reason. All occurrences in life are merely coincidences devoid of meaning. As I delved into raw vegan living and increased spiritual practices of prayer and meditation the synchronicity in my life jumped off the charts. It happened all the time. There is something about the peace  induced by plant energy that can deepen your connection and awareness of the ultimate Source. I would think about doing something, going somewhere, or need something and it was almost like magic. Someone would appear seemingly out of the blue and give me what I needed, or be a connector to a certain person or place that was just what I was looking for. There is something about this unique concept, which was conceived by psychologist Carl Jung, that is extremely easy for some people and yet hard for many others to grasp. Jung called synchronicity ” an explanation for meaningful coincidences,” and this principle was meant to show the link between the mind and the external world of perception.

My thoughts, today, as I write this post led me to this principle. Specifically I started to think about how prayer and meditation are gateways to the unseen mystical side of our universe and God. If you cannot believe in a God or a force, you may have resigned yourself to believing that things just are the way they are, and that you are not meant to have the things you want or live the life of your dreams. Tapping into this gateway with spiritual practices or just the courage to believe, opens up your perception and becomes the catalyst for the good you seek to come to you. Just like the tale in the Alchemist, you may be led down unexpected paths or go through rough times, but all of these things teach you, strengthen you, and prepare you for that end goal. Or perhaps you are living your dream but devoid of true inner peace that real success brings. You may attribute everything in your life to mere luck or happenstance. It’s all about perception. With one shift, and a little bit of openness your same situation may be seen as a serious of “meaningful coincidences” that have brought you to the place you are right now. The only way you can know it, is it to give it a try.

The universe and God, are inherently good, despite the drama and chaos we’ve created in this world. Choosing to alter our perceptions can literally turn our lives upside down. I am a firm believer in the magic of synchronicity, and the power of God to lead me to my destined path and to help me fulfill the dreams and aspirations that were given to me by the Source. That dream you have is no accident. It is yours to fulfill, that is why it presses on your heart. I thought about this tonight as I near almost three years of writing on this blog, which once was just a dream. I hope today you may choose to take the first step towards a goal or dream you thought was dead and buried or challenge yourself further if you are someone who can’t believe in divine coincidence by playing devil’s advocate with your own beliefs. Renew your faith and chose to entertain the thought that anything is possible if you just believe. Then watch as the miracles and synchronicity begin to unfold, and follow the signs. -XoXo Raw Girl



  1. greetings.wonderful writing this is.it is great food for thought for those who do not know.when you speak of the universe and god there is an apparent separation made between the 2.may i ask are you mindful of that?

  2. It’s up for personal interpretation however u see fit. If you believe “God” is everywhere then He/She is not separate from the Universe. 😉 -XoXo Raw Girl

  3. I find it serendipitous coming across this right now, and your blog in general : )

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