Dear Raw Girl: Weight Loss, Anemia, Stomach Pain, Think I Have Parasites?

August 8, 2012

Dear Raw Girl: I am currently in a lot of distress due to what I believe are upper intestinal parasites. I have not been diagnosed by a doctor, but have all of the symptoms I have read through online searches. After having no appetite for about a month, I have lost 15 pounds. This is not good as I am already thin. This morning I passed what appears to be a parasite. I google pics and it looked very similar to what came out of me. I am guessing this is the reason for all of the stomach problems I have been having (feels like stomach is in knots, hungry but can’t eat cause I feel full, body aches, very allergic all of sudden, itchy hands & feet, all of sudden anemic, etc). Of course I went to the doc and he prescribes meds for heartburn and indigestion. This was before I found what I believe is a parasite in my stool. I go to the doc Monday for him to officially test for them. After taking the heartburn meds for weeks, I am still miserable. I read where you stated pure cranberry juice will kill them. My question is how long and how much of it do I need to consume? Will I see them in my stool? After researching, it appears the doc will prescribe antibiotics. I prefer a natural way of ridding them from my body. I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks in advance :-).  -N.C.

Hello N.C. –

First off, kudos to you for following your hunch and basically diagnosing yourself! We live in a world unfortunately, in which it is completely necessary for you to do some ground work. It’s great that you already have your doctor involved, but as you know he or she will only diagnose medications to mask your symptoms, not address the root problem. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, but I am more than happy to give you my friendly parasite killing advice. It definitely sounds like you have parasites, and if you passed something that is sign enough. You stated that you were given meds for heartburn and indigestion that have done nothing. My opinion is that you should stop taking those meds immediately, because the side effects could do further damage to your well-being and they are not solving your core issue of being infected with parasites. From your symptoms it sounds like you definitely have hookworms and perhaps others. Hookworms in particular cause malnutrition and anemia, itchy feet, weight loss, stomach or chest pain, and sometimes vomiting. Look it up to get a better idea, but that sounds like spot on what you are experiencing.

After you are tested, perhaps they can tell you how extreme your condition is? I’m not sure how those parasite tests work, but I would base it on how you feel. There are plenty of posts on the blog that you can read that outline foods that can aid in killing parasites. Generally speaking for most kinds if you start cutting out starches and sugar, eat very green, incorporate garlic, and do an over the counter (2-week) parasite herbal cleanse, you may start to pass worms. It helps to know what kinds of worms you are dealing with an tailoring your attack that way. Now that we know you most likely have hookworms, work that angle. As it says in my other posts, adding in the regimen of drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in water throughout the day on its own can help you to pass worms. I suggest to type in parasites in the Raw Girl archives and read the past blog posts available to get an idea of other remedies you can use. It’s best to address the issue with an herbal cleanse as well as shift in diet so you are not trying to kill worms and still feeding them simultaneously, and also to remember to incorporate colon cleansing and foods that increase good bacteria in the gut. You are right, your doc will most likely just give you a prescription for antibiotics. This can cause more issues because it will take away good and bad flora, and can in most cases bring the buggers back later even worse than what you are experiencing now.

Pure cranberry juice is one of the things that can help you, yes, I don’t have an amount you should or shouldn’t drink; you could just try to drink a glass in morning or evening, or take some throughout the day along with water. Rather than zeroing in on just one type of juice my tactic is usually to come at it from many angles. If it’s a really horrible case and you want some immediate relief, perhaps you should try taking food grade diatomaceous earth daily for at least seven days and drink plenty of water. Coupled with diatomaceous earth you will need to take clove pills daily to kill eggs, as DE does not kill the parasite eggs. You can take anywhere from 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon an add to juice, water, or smoothies. There’s an article available on the blog about that too. Take some initiative as you have already done now that you’ve properly diagnosed yourself and I gave you some additional direction, and create your own cleanse or find a good Naturopath that can guide you through one. With some fierce effort and the will to be rid of the buggers, you will prevail! May the parasite-killa force be with you.

-XoXo Raw Girl

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  1. I really went nuts incorporating garlic into my diet. For about 3 weeks I ate 2 cloves of raw garlic with my breakfast. That, along with coffee enemas did a pretty great job of getting rid of a pretty good sized load of parasites. I did a garlic enema (steeping garlic like tea and then using it as an enema) and it was very very effective. Believe in the power of garlic!!!!!

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