Smoothie! Strawberry “Milkshake” & Nutritional Benefits of Honey Dew Melon

September 10, 2012

Have you ever had a random craving that literally makes you go Hmmm? This weekend I wanted dessert, and not just any dessert, I really felt like having a strawberry milkshake. I have no idea why, I think I just wanted something kind of creamy, and sweet. So I got to work in the kitchen and made one, and decided to add in an unexpectedly good ingredient, honey dew melon.

Honey dew melon is one of the those fruits that is usually included as an afterthought. At least for me it is. We see it all the time in fruit salads, but it usually doesn’t get as much love as its sweeter and more colorful counterpart, the cantaloupe. Well given the fact that this melon provides you more than half the RDA of Vitamin C, you may want to pay a little more R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to good old honey dew. Vitamin C helps to boost our bodies’ collagen production, so we can avoid botox and keep our skin firm and youthful naturally! Honey dew is also a great source of vitamin B6 which helps to maintain healthy nervous and immune systems, potassium which is important for our bodies metabolic functioning, carries oxygen to the brain, can lower blood pressure, and folate. Folate boosts our brain function, preventing conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, and is especially helpful for pregnant women as it can help to prevent birth defects or complications during pregnancy. Below’s the recipe for the “milkshake.” Remember when you have cravings for junk food, there is ALWAYS a creative way to satisfy it and get some great nutrition in your body to boot! Never give in, there’s always something healthy that tastes better than junk food feels. -XoXo Raw Girl

Strawberry Milkshake


Almond Milk (Make raw by soaking almonds the night before, then blending skin-less almonds next day w/ filtered water and optional  sweetener like organic maple syrup. For VEGAN version just use your favorite brand)

6-8 Frozen strawberries

2 bananas

1/8 honey dew melon (1 wedge)

Add all fruit to blender, pour in almond milk. I usually pour in almond milk to start to about  1/3 or 1/2 of the level of the fruit in the blender if I want a thicker consistency. Add in more almond milk if you prefer less creamy. Blend, Serve, Enjoy! 🙂



  1. Hello how are you first off? I wanted to know is there a specific blender to use to make the almond milk as well as do you keep the almonds in inside and not remove them but blend them to a liquid?

    • Hi Angel: I am well. You can make almond milk in any bender. The vitamix blenders are pretty amazing though, and can blend anything—thats what I use. You blend the soaked almonds with filtered water and an optional sweetener like organic maple syrup. If you have a nut milk bag you can strain the milk to get out the pulpy parts, or just drink it all. -XoXo

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