Raw Girl’s Birthday Wish

October 8, 2012

Me at age five or six 🙂

Exactly a week from today on October 15th, is my birthday. Yep, Libra is in the house! I’m getting all sappy and reflective and thinking about the meaning of my life and all that Oprah-like stuff. I woke up this morning totally NOT feeling like blogging, but I sat to write anyway. Then I came across the lovely news that YOU ALL have helped Raw Girl in a Toxic World make it to the finals in the BlackWeBlog Awards!!!!! Yes, the competition started with 10 blogs in that category and Raw Girl is in the top 5!! I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for this pre-birthday present. Voting has started and will continue until October 23rd, and  I would definitely love for my birthday to WIN Best Health/Wellness Blog. As your gift to me, please VOTE. If all of you lovelies voted, we’d be sure to win. The ballot is live now and you can VOTE HERE.

Each year that passes in my life I feel I learn something new. This year I celebrate a new year of life, but it’s bittersweet because exactly a day before my birthday last year, our family buried my dear brother. Health means so much to me, it is truly a priority of mine to do everything in my power to live the most optimal life so I can be fully present in the lives of those I love. Beyond guarding your health though, life happens. We never know when our time is coming and the one thing that is for sure is that all of us want to make an indelible mark on the work in some way big or small. We want to feel that our voice is heard, that somebody saw us, and even more so that somebody loved us. In the end it’s only the love that lasts, it’s the good intentions that linger, and the selfless thought that truly counts. We can do things, and amass accomplishments all day long, but without that love, it doesn’t have the power to touch someone’s life forever. As I’m sifting through my birthday AHA! moment I am hoping that the love and desire I have to help people live the healthiest lives possible has come through to YOU.

I’ve started thinking about what I really want for my birthday. If I could list material things and lovely pleasures I would want to experience in the next week it would include things like a night out at the opera to see Don Giovanni (Kennedy Center to be exact), a hot yoga class or two, unlimited coconut water, dinner and dessert! at Pure Food and Wine, and perhaps a mini-shopping spree. Since I cannot have my brother back in physical form, which would be at the top of my list,  and I am on a budget at the moment…I’m mining for a less material birthday wish. What I have come up with thus far, is that this year, I wish to find the deepest expression of love for myself. That may sound strange but everything is to be said about true self-esteem, and being able to root your happiness in a lasting way that is not swayed by others criticisms, what job you have, what relationship you are in, what designer shoes you wear, or how much money is in the bank. It’s the kind of self-love that only can happen from being filled up in your spirit. From that and with that, really I feel anything is possible. Thank you  all for continuing to read, thank you for your comments,  your support, your letters, and your encouragement. You all inspire me to keep going and I continue to learn a great deal by showing up every week to write. This blog as come a long way in the past three years, and that in itself, is a birthday wish come true. -XoXo Raw Girl



  1. Happy birthday to you and many more. I am glad to have this information thanks to you. I am trying to juice and take the remains and use it as my meal at night . My goal is to do that far a month and after that we will see. I juice up collars greens 2 garlic clove carrots celery and a Apple. It taste a little spices but I am going to finish it off. I did notice it gave me some energy. I attempt to fix some far.my hubbie but he didn’t buy into it. Take care

    • Hi Charlotte: So glad to hear you are juicing. Have fun trying a bunch of recipes, it will make it more pleasureable. Garlic is great, also try ginger—it is awesome because it literally burns impurities out of your body. For your hubby, you can make them a little more palatable by adding in some more apple, but don’t go over board. 2-3 at most will sweeten it up so he can handle it better. Best Wishes & feel free to let me know how its going. -XoXo Raw Girl

  2. happy birthday lady. though i don’t know you personally – and i sort of found your site conspicuously – it is a real gift and gem. the reminder that life is holistic and that being dutiful to cultivating and crafting it – builds your esteem – is great. know that with every stroke of you key, every thought that you take and make into a visual manifestation has a rich and profound effect on many others.

  3. You are the best and I will blast you on your Birthday…..

  4. No worries please I voted right away the first time I was asked to and believe me this is your gift as I never vote. Peace & Health

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