Natural Remedies for the Candida Blues

October 22, 2012

Candida is a word we are hearing thrown around more often in conversations. Before I was like candi-who? It kind of sounds like a dirty word. Now I know all too well about this imbalance that is quickly becoming the least talked about health epidemic in our nation. These days pretty much all us have it or have had some symptoms, it’s about what degree from mild to severe. Candida is a group of single-celled organisms that live in our bodies and are actually good for us until our body gets out of balance because of diet, stress, or medications that throw it out of whack. Candida overgrowth is literally a “genus of yeasts” or in lamens terms a gang of fungus who have been granted permission to hang out  and bring their friends en-masse anywhere in your body that’s cozy. Candida usually grows in warm moist areas of the body, and the most common candida condition is yeast infections which can affect both men and women, but also includes nail fungus, athletes foot, thrush (on the tongue), and may be the culprit with some prostate issues. In its most aggravated and full-blown state cancers especially and AIDS deal with aggressively overgrown candida. Which is why many have been able to reverse cancer and some holistic healers (namely Dr. Sebi who says all diseases are born from mucus)  has been able to reverse HIV/AIDS.

When candida starts to flourish in the body it’s really like your once upon a time friend who decides to invite a bunch of unwanted guests who are now sleeping on your comfortable couch and require a fire marshal and an eviction notice to get them out of your apartment. Dealing with candida overgrowth just by wishing it away does you no good. You need to strap on some combat boots and be prepared to make some changes to get your body back in balance. Depending on the severity of the condition this is not a short-term thing, you may need to make some serious lifestyle amendments.

So you want to know how you managed to say yes and let in that frenemy name Candida who is now eating all your sweets with his buddies?  Well, our bodies thrive on bacteria. I learned recently from  a colon hydrotherapist who was very knowledgeable about bacteria that the metabolic waste of our good bacteria is serotonin! So part of the reason why people who are backed up or literally full of sh&% are also in a crabby mood is because the good bacteria is not present in their bodies to give them that natural happy boost. Same with candida, when yeast is overgrown there’s not enough good bacteria present in your body to give you that feel good natural serotonin.

There are numerous reasons in our modern day culture that this condition affects millions and the numbers keep growing. First off,  it doesn’t help that doctors are prescribing antibiotics these days like candy at a Halloween party. Seriously, it seems to be the cure-all for anything nowadays. It may help alleviate short-term symptoms but long-term know that it wreaks havoc on most bodies’ and kills all of the good and bad bacteria in the gut leading to more problems that have to be addressed including candida. Another major factor involved is the Standard American Diet which is basically a trial that most are failing to see how long someone can last before getting ill while subsisting primarily on carbs, animal protein, frakenfoods, and sugar.

All of those things feed yeast, and your good old friend Candida basically throws a party when you consume them. The thing is you won’t feel like partying much because you may be experiencing fatigue, headaches, poor memory, or mental fogginess, and perhaps weight gain. Not exactly a reason to cut the cake.  Last, but not any less important is STRESS. I forget all the time how important our emotions are for sustaining our well-being. In my own family I have seen how every single one of us is now dealing with some sort of health condition/struggle following my brother’s passing. Stress is no joke; it can kill you. Not meaning to scare you I’ll also add that in rare cases if fungus enters the bloodstream and is left unchecked, up to 50% of people affected die from this condition. Crazy!

I recently went to my doctor, who by the way is one of the best doctors on the planet. This woman should teach other doctors how to do their jobs. She can actually write me a prescription for things to treat anything that I can find in Whole Foods, and can suggest lifestyle changes or food elimination to help, but she also knows about all the typical medications prescribed. God must have sent me this woman. Anyway, to cut to the chase my consumption of brown rice in moderation the past two years  has finally reared its evil grainy head. That in tandem with elevated stress in my life taking its toll. Looking back I really started to notice the slight imbalance literally a month after my brother passed. It took me awhile to figure it out, but all of this together diet issues and stress of loss has been causing ongoing yeast imbalances in my body. So, it’s time to buckle down and cut brown rice out of my diet altogether. Back to being 100% carb-free! Quinoa still doesn’t bother me, and wild rice soaked is a great raw option I plan to try. The good news is after being a drama queen and thinking it was really bad, it was a relief to discover that my case is super minor and manageable compared to a lot of people suffering out there who have it ten times worse. Thanks to my doc, and of course my own research, I’ve gotten some great lifestyle recommendations that I’m sharing:

Cut out Dairy, Meat, Processed Foods, & Sugar (including natural Sugars). I think this is self-explanatory. You just can’t have it. You want the yeast to die off right? Remind yourself in the thick of the cravings why you must stay away. They say that some low-level sugar fruits may be added like berries, grapefruits, or granny smith apples, but even these should be consumed with caution. You also need to eliminate sugary or starchy veggies like carrots, potatoes, or beets.

Incorporate More Fermented Foods & Find a Great Probiotic. I’m dying to try coconut water kefir which is a naturally fermented beverage made from young coconut water. There’s also things you can eat like fermented cabbage, namely sauerkraut and  kimchi, and drinks like kombucha, brewed from the scoby organism, and  rejuvelac, which is made from fermented wheat berries. All of these foods along with a good probiotic supplement are going to help you crowd in your good bacteria friends, while you starve the yeast and they die off.

Stress-Less. Back to hot yoga I go! Breathing and meditation are great. We can’t predict when those tragic things in life will happen to us, but we can try to handle them as they come with grace.

Drink Lots of Water. Staying hydrated is important and keeping the cycle of replenishing fluids and flushing out toxins going.

Exercise Every Day. This is a prescription I like! The reason this is necessary for recovery is that sweating is one of our primary sources of eliminating toxins from the body.

No Alcohol. Wine, beer, and hard liquor will all make candida worse and allow the yeast to thrive. So if you are a drinker, sorry to be the one to have to tell you to cut it out.

The thing about dealing with candida is that its very similar to battling a parasite infection. There is a withdrawal period and the yeast will create cravings for carbs and sugars because that is what keeps them alive. You may also feel irritable and extra hungry even for the green stuff you are eating to starve the yeast. As I write this I’m already feeling withdrawal and its only been a day. If you can survive a full week, the cravings should start to dissipate as the yeast dies off. Cave in and eat anything sweet, and you will be back to square one. It’s tough, but you will make it through. I will too…although I will be having vivid dreams until the end of this year about eating bananas, mangoes, and a million other things.

If you are a woman and experiencing yeast infections, a vaginal suppository that has boric acid as an ingredient is great for that. Candida suffers can also try things like consuming bitter grapefruit seed extract. Oregano oil is another one that is thrown around, but my doc says it can be very harsh on the system. I’m sure I’ll be following up with more revelations or tips as I work through this. I’m aiming for at least three months, six months would be ideal but may be impossible, of no sugar in any form (God help me besides maybe one apple in a green juice), and seeing how I feel as I go along. -XoXo Raw Girl



  1. Reblogged this on Heart Centered and commented:
    This is an excellent article! Take the time to read it, she’s very well informed and has an interesting writing style.

  2. I’m a new subscriber to your blog, but I absolutely LOVE it!!! 🙂 I’m actually on a candida cleanse now and I feel awesome! I was wondering what type of juicer do you use? And would you recommend bikram yoga b/c I’ve been very interested! Thanks for your great info!

    Infinite x’s and o’s

    • Good for you on the candida cleanse! CONGRATS 🙂 And thanks so much for subscribing! Bikram yoga is great for you and the sweating will do well for dealing with candida because you are really excelerating the flushing out of toxins from your body. Theres a past article on the benefits of hot yoga on the blog, search for it in the history. In the Raw Girl store found on tab on right, I included the juicer I have which is a Breville and is very affordable. But as long as it works, get whatever you can afford and feel may be easiest to clean. -XoXo Raw Girl

  3. I’m enjoying reading your blog, you have excellent information, extremely helpful. Currently I’m suffering from candida (possibly living with it for many years) and just recently discovered tiny black bugs in my urine – parasites? My ND also diagnosed me with a yeast allergy, through a blood test, along with a handful of other random allergies (cranberry, blueberry, crab, clam, sesame, mushroom). I’m finding so much contradicting information regarding candida diet, supplements, restrictions, yes foods, no foods, etc. I’m not even sure where to start, other than panic. I’m not even sure my ND knows what to do. I welcome your thoughts and any feedback. Many thanks!

    • Dear Janna: Thanks for asking this question, I am so sorry you have had candida so long. I just cured mine in about 5 days and plan to write a post about it soon. You are right most of the information out there is totally bogus! I am going to have to amend this post with an update because I finally got something that made sense and worked. If you would like to do a personal hour long consultation and chat that is also available. Stay tuned for the post; wishing you a speedy recovery sometime soon. XoXo Raw Girl PS I have never seen Black bugs that is something totally different! Parasites are usually clear wormy looking things.

  4. The step we are missing is Mercury/heavy metals. Whether you have amalgam fillings in your mouth, or exposed from vaccines, or your mother had them in her mouth during pregnancy (remember, what ever she had, we have via in vitro), other exposures, broken light bulbs, thermometers, dentist office, etc.

    Read Andy Cutler book, Amalgam Illness. Or ask your NP about, if you don’t get the mercury out, the yeast won’t leave because they work together. The Hg holds tight and fast through biofilm to the pathogens, the yeast, mold, bacteria, parasites, viruses and until the source, the culprit is gone, the Hg, the others will not leave and will continue to come back, over and over

    All amalgams need to be out of the teeth/body first to chelate the Hg out

    go to hid website to order book or read online about him and his protocol and mercury and yeast.

    good luck


  5. Dr. Ohhira probiotic changed my life. Try it. My yeast issues have pretty much disappeared (if only I could kill the h pylori)!!!

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