Raw & Vegan Foods That Can Help Weather The Storm

October 28, 2012

I hope everyone on the East Coast is staying safe and warm. For those of you lovely followers reading from all over the world that do not know, Hurricane Sandy is headed our way, and she sounds like she means business. If you are on the East Coast I hope you have prepared! Power outages are bound to happen, and we hope and pray that the damages to homes, and the death toll is low. Things you should do to prepare include: getting a full tank of gas, removing outdoor furniture that can be easily tossed by the wind, and have on hand supplies like flashlights, candles, and a list of emergency numbers. Last but not least, you got to have food on hand in case there are days without power. Whenever a disaster like this hits, the first thing people say is stock up on canned food. For those of us who left the processed food world years ago, this just ain’t happening. Make sure if the power goes out you minimize going in and out of your fridge to keep it cool. If you have a back up cooler with ice for some food, that can help. Worst part about the power going out is letting a fridge full of greens go to waste! The good news is, there are some veg friendly foods you can stock up on to help you weather the storm if you run out of your fresh food. Some will perish sooner than others, but most will get you through more than a couple of days especially if dried or dehydrated:

Dried Fruit

Nuts & Seeds: cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans etc.

Fruits w/ peels or skin: oranges, pears, apples, avocados, melons, bananas (if you buy them unripe, you’ll have them for a few days)

Fruit & nut bars, fig bars, raw or vegan energy bars etc.


Dehydrated snacks: kale chips, flax crackers etc.

Miso: great for making broth and soups and easy to prepare.

Beans & Seeds: you can always soak and cook beans, and if the ish really hits the fan, you can use water to sprout them and add to meals.

Quinoa: great complete protein thats quick to prepare and keeps you full.

Dried Superfood Powders: can come in handy and can be mixed in water or juice and give you a lot of nutrition.

Without a blender or a juicer things can get rough, so hopefully the above ideas give you something to snack on. If you get greens and other fresh produce they will only last for a little while when your power goes out. Wishing you and yours a safe week, and praying those of us in harm’s way weather this storm. I’m determined to blog even in hurricane season so I’ve scheduled posts for the blog in advance. Which means even if my power goes out you’ll still get some writing from Raw Girl. Yes, I know I’m gangsta! Sending you lots of veggie love and wishing you peace in the middle of the storm. -XoXo Raw Girl 



  1. You have one of the best personalities may your day be full of blessings and keep all the good energy flowing all over the place.

    • Dearest Debra: I am touched by your comment thank you for the well wishes! -XoXo

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