The Power of Gratitude

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Veggie Lovers! Wishing all of you a wonderful day filled with love and laughter. I know some people get caught up in the troubling origins of this holiday, but I think what is to be treasured and focused on is creating room in our lives for gratitude. We all get so caught up day to day in measuring what we think we need that we neglect to cherish what is right in front of us. This year I feel an even deeper sense of gratitude because of a recent experience. Early this week I attended a film premiere for a film I am in about homelessness. In the film I play a homeless girl from South East DC who is literally living out of a car with her boyfriend and has to prostitute herself to get money. The screening was a benefit for a shelter called Central Union Mission. I was reminded through the movie and talking to the employees at the shelter that our basic necessities should never ever be taken for granted and no matter how rough your current situation is, someone out there has it worse.

The question is, can you find something in your life that you can be grateful for? To start off, you woke up this morning. If you have all your family members alive and with you today, that’s another thing to give thanks for. When we shift to a place of gratitude we are telling the universe THANK YOU for all this wonderful stuff, and sending the message that we are open to receiving more. It’s a magical and powerful thing that we should all tap into from day to day, and thankfully, Thanksgiving is the formal day that forces us to remember. Today I am thankful for many things, my life, health, family, friends, and also very thankful to all of you readers. Thank you for reading my blog, for commenting, for sending me messages, and sending lots of love and light and appreciation. You all give me fuel to continue the journey. I am getting ready to get in the kitchen and make some blueberry pie for my Dad. Recipe is on the blog, link is below. We are having a vegan thanksgiving over here! First time ever that my parents are on the vegan bandwagon. Pretty cool. Enjoy your day, don’t over do it, and EAT TO LIVE! -XoXo Raw Girl



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