To Green Smoothie or Not, That is the Question?

March 30, 2013

To Green Smoothie or Not, That is the Question?Green smoothies are a great way to get in a good serving or fruit and green leafy vegetables, especially in the morning. Typically they consist of something like l/3 of leafy greens, 1/3 fruit, and 1/3 or less of water. Or some people do more fruit than greens. You can always add more or less fruit or greens to your liking. There is some debate about whether or not green smoothies are healthy, just like with ever other health trend out there. Some say it’s not good for you because the amount of sugar (from the fruit) can make your blood sugar spike. To that I say ba-humbug. After healing myself of candida in a record five days on a high fruit diet (which most sources say NOT to eat), and hearing other people with blood sugar level issues and hypoglycemia also healing themselves by eating fruits, I am pretty sure at this point that the world is either upside down, or that most of the doctors in America are misinformed and need a serious re-education Lauryn Hill style.

Fruit does not metabolize in the body like refined sugars, and when combined with greens as well like in the green smoothie, it should further relieve any fears about your blood sugar spiking out of control. Then there are folks who may say that green smoothies are not enough to live on you must have other sources of nutrition. Well, duh! Of course, our body needs a well-rounded platter of nutrition, but the truth of the matter is that most Americans barely get in the amount of fresh greens and fruits that are in one green smoothie. Sometimes when I randomly pop through a conventional grocery store, I am shell-shocked by the amount of microwaveable, packaged, pre-cooked, pasteurized, high fructose corn syrup and canola oil laden food is in people’s shopping carts. On a good day, it’ll be lucky for me to spot one small bag of fruit in the sea of processed meals piled high in their carts. Green smoothies and even green juices are just simple ways you can get some fresh natural food into your body in the midst of your busy, I have no time for preparing food lifestyle. Blending is also simpler than juicing, for those of us who dread “the post-juice cleanup” or get a strong feeling of laziness just by looking at your juicer which may be growing dust on your kitchen counter.

If you feel sort of gassy or have indigestion immediately after having a green smoothie, by all means, please do not indulge in them or modify them with simpler fruit and veggie combinations until they do not bother you. I find that blending kale into things is just plain bad for me, personally. I prefer using lighter greens like spinach and romaine. You may be too sensitive to fruit and veg combinations and need to save your precious greens for that sexy salad you are whipping up later. If that’s the case do not feel bad about it. If you still love to have something green in your cup blend up a bunch of fruit, add a little water, and a teaspoon or two of Spirulina, or green grass powders you like. Or also try whipping up mostly green veg based smoothies and use veggies like cucumber and celery that have a high water content.

Below’s a simple green smoothie recipe that can be modified sans greens. At the end of the day the point of a healthy lifestyle is to be in tune with what your body needs along with your personal quirky cravings. So by all means necessary spend less time arguing or debating your specific dietary choices with people and just march to the beat of your own drum, or if your me you can shake a tail feather and do the electric slide, whatever works. I find that by following my bliss and my intuition, I honor myself and can never go wrong. Here’s to whatever kind of smoothie you choose to drink today, green or not, and even more importantly, here’s to all of us choosing each and every day to EAT TO LIVE. -XoXo Raw Girl


2 Bananas

Equal parts frozen strawberry and mango

Large handful of spinach AND/OR 1-2 teaspoons Spirulina or green powder

Purified Water

Blend all ingredients. Serve & enjoy the bliss!



  1. How many people could honestly say, “it’s all those fruit and veg meals that made me unhealthy”?
    I was in my conventional market yesterday and picked up a few “natural” and “contains” real fruit” items only to see a chemistry experiment listed on the back. Scarey and depressing.

    • Totally Katie, more power to you for actually reading the label. Its up to us individually to take extreme precautions, because nowadays almost everything is TOXIC. -XoXo

  2. So glad you posted this….I do green smoothies daily, and I was starting to second-guess myself as I was reading all this stuff about fruit being “unhealthy”…..I was like “What now?!?!” Glad I’m not going crazy, lol. That smoothie recipe you posted sounds HEAVENLY…I love strawberry/mango combos with spinach and super greens. Keep

    • Thank you for reading! 🙂 Never second guess yourself. Our inner knowing is THE TRUTH. Blessings as you continue your journey! -XoXo Raw Girl

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