Scientific Study Finally Proves The Dangers of GMOs

April 1, 2013

GMO-TomatoThis weekend I found myself overwhelmed with disappointment and sadness for the horrible turn our food supply and our health is taking in this country. Just in case you didn’t know, President Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act, which now gives them free reign to plant their “frankenfoods”, put farmers out of business, malign natural order, and poison the American people without opposition. Beware! They are now above the law; the balance of power has shifted completely, and indeed the veggie is hitting the fan. About a week ago I posted an excerpt from paper I wrote on The Dangers of Consuming GMO’s. One of the major concerns that I brought up in dealing with the subject matter was the lack of scientific studies that properly demonstrated the extent to which consuming foods, plants, and animals that are genetically modified can have on human health as well as the environment prior to GMO foods taking over our supermarkets. We are now living in an age where 75- 80% of food on shelves contains genetically modified organisms. Until recently there were no studies longer than three months conducted that were unsupervised by the manufacturers of the GMO plants and pesticides, primarily because these studies were banned. Thankfully late last year this video was posted which gives an overview of  an extensive two-year scientific study conducted in which rats were fed GMO corn.

I am not a fan of animal testing or abuse, but this is much-needed evidence that GMOs will play a huge part in destroying the health of America and soon citizens worldwide. What they found was that after three months, coincidentally the timeframe that the Monsanto approved studies ended, tumors began to develop in the rats consuming GMO corn and the tumors continued to grow until excessively large, eventually leading to the death of the rats. If you did not read my past article on GMOs I highly suggest you do so, and also please watch the short video below to learn more about the study and it’s implications. I will be writing a followup post soon that expounds upon the dangers of consuming soy products, which are the next most commonly found GMO in your food besides corn.

The veggie is seriously hitting the fan guys, it is time to stay vigilant, remain informed, and safeguard your health and the health of those you love. By any means necessary, EAT ORGANIC. Grow it if you have to while you still can, join a co-op, find some bargains, but do what you can and also avoid produce and meats that are not organic, and all processed foods, most especially those that include corn or soy. The scary thing is that many of our products are not properly labeled, and this is done intentionally. The best rule of thumb: if you aren’t sure what it is or what that long complex chemical name means, don’t eat it. It may narrow your food choices down a great deal, but it will without a doubt save your life. -XoXo Raw Girl



  1. So disappointing. We’ve felt for some time now that Monsanto is one of the most under-reported stories. GMOs have such serious ramifications for everyone in this country. Our descendants will be horrified that we let this happen.

    On a positive note, great blog you have here!

    • Yes, let’s stay positive and stay in the flow that nature intended. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading! -XoXo Raw Girl

  2. Ugh, sickening….the food and the greed!

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