Cure for the Candida Blues – Part 2

April 5, 2013

lens8428091_1260366602cure_candida_fastRemember my last post on Natural Cures for the Candida Blues? I just modified it to reflect the new information I recently learned. After my first round of research I wrote that first post with the assumption that the general consensus about candida was true. Which was that in order to beat it you had to avoid all carbs and sugars including fruit sugars. I should have known not to believe the hype. There are so many posts online about people who have been struggling with candida for YEARS with no signs of improvement. Partially because their dietary changes are not addressing the root cause. After two months on a sugarless diet, I kind of forgot about the whole candida thing and went off to make a movie. During the shooting period my sugarless diet went out the window and I ate what was available to get me through the day. Needless to say the symptoms came roaring back early this month and I was not happy. Frustrated I went back to researching. How could it be that there was really no cure? It really made no sense  to me that people could struggle with candida for years, because the body is always able to bring itself back to balance.

Finally, a miracle occurred. After resuming the sugarless/carb-less diet and feeling absolutely horrible, I started to research again. Using my intuition I was led to find a bunch of testimonials of people who had successfully cured their candida and even hypoglycemia. How did they do it? By eating boat loads of FRUIT, one of the things that everyone, including my doctor said NOT to do. I listened to the youtube video below where Dr. Douglas Graham discusses how and why our friend candida flourishes and it’s purpose in the body and it made a lot of sense. Basically whether you are raw foodist or not, if you have a diet that is high in sugar and high in fat, you are going to begin to have blood sugar problems, because the high levels of fat prevents glucose from being transported out of the body. Did you know that the average American’s diet is comprised of something like forty percent fat and that raw foodists sometimes eat diets that are as high as sixty percent in fat!? Even if its fat from coconuts, avocados, nuts, it can still throw you body out of wack leave you depleted and lacking energy. This is the major reason why most raw foodists can’t go the distance on the diet and eventually burn out.

According to Graham, fruit is for raw foodists a replacement for the carbohydrate food group. The body needs carbs to fuel our energy and maintain balance. Vegetables are also key, but fruit have the highest calories, so in order to maintain an 80% carbs-10% protein-10% fat balance, which he touts as the ideal based on his research,  you will be eating calorically speaking more fruit than veggies. I got all of this information on a Sunday, and then the next day as scared as I was to contradict popular opinion I started eating a bunch of fruit, some greens, and held the fats for the time being. I also began taking a daily probiotic and eating fermented foods daily including kimchi, sauerkraut, or kombucha. After one day my energy shot off the roof. I had a few cleansing reactions on day two and then I felt like new money. By Friday I was completely candida overgrowth symptom-free and somewhat in awe once again with the power of living foods.

We are taught that fruit sugar is harmfully to us if we have candida, blood sugar issues, and diabetes, but this is really not the case. Our major problems are high refined sugar intake along with high FAT intake. If you are struggling with candida, I urge you to look at your diet, minimize your fat intake to ten percent of your calories, eliminate refined and processed sugars, but increase your vegetable and especially fruit intake drastically. You really have to ensure you are getting in enough calories. Making smoothies with fruit can help a lot to get more in one sitting, or you can do it old school and eat mono meals which consist of a lot of one type of fruit at a time throughout the day. Green smoothies are a good way to get in some greens, and also including at least one really large salad or green juice in your day. If you are on a raw food diet and it’s not a low fat diet, if you are experiencing any issues with your energy or otherwise, I recommend you try modifying it to include more fruit and cut down on your fat intake. You may also have deeper issues with your adrenal glands or pancreas that need to be addressed if your condition is really bad.

I don’t believe in becoming a disciple of “diets” or “fads” by I do believe in following what makes sense to me and what my body responds to. Where people go wrong in general and even with principles like this 80-10-10 idea is they don’t really listen completely and  implement all of the information. It’s easy to play telephone and hear what you want to hear rather than what is being said. Taking on a low fat raw vegan diet does not mean you are on a fruitarian diet, it just means you lower your fat intake, and increase your fruit and veg intake with an emphasis on fruits to ensure a proper balance with the amount of fats you take in. As someone who works out four to five times a week I have seen marked results in my performance and a boost in my energy with the shift to a low fat raw vegan diet and I am grateful for more confirmation that the body can indeed restore itself to balance when given the right fuel. Listen to your body, always do what works for you, and by any means necessary #EAT2LIVE! -XoXo Raw Girl


One comment

  1. Hi Raw girl,

    I commented on the PART 1 on this Candida blog. talking about the connection of mercury and yeast. check it out and tell me what you think.

    I wanted to ask if it wasn’t to much trouble to give us a daily menu of what you eat to accomplish the 80-10-10

    if we are raw i get the 80 raw, fruits and veg, but 10 protein? what protein are you eating, beans, tofu, nuts? or are nuts considered fat?

    10 fat, ? like avocado, nuts, etc? What other fats, ghee?

    Some of these things like bean unless are sprouted cause my yeast or other pathogens to flare, so how do I get protein? isn’t the plant protein considered protein or do we need another form of protein?

    I have heavy metal/mostly Hg, lived in a house with mold, have 2 autoimmune disorders, 4 viruses CMV, EBV, HHV6, Paravirus, bacteria, blastocytsis hominus parasite and candida-yeast/mold. My immune took such a hit from the Hg exposture from a lot of amalgam filling constantly leeching Hg vapors and the moldy house

    I am trying to make my way back throughout raw foods and juicing but i am very new at this so need lots of help

    is there a book you recommend or does this Dr who suggest the 80-10-10 have a book to help?

    See my other post and go to u tube to see Hg and smoking gun, it will scare you to death, esp if your mom had amalgams while pregnant, b/c we get the Hg from them in vitro.

    research Hg and yeast.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    looking forward to your answer

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