Smoothie! Strawberry Pineapple Pleaser

April 22, 2013
Smoothie! Strawberry Pineapple Pleaser

My New Big Green Smoothie Cup 🙂

Hey gang, so this past weekend I took a brief trip back to my former city of New York. It was nice to be back in the concrete jungle although more than once I had to stop, breath deep, and internally repeat Namaste to handle the inherent chaos. The highlight of my trip was getting to try some amazing raw dishes from some cool Upper West side raw vegan restaurants thanks partially to the awesome and generous hospitality of one of my dear friends. I had a beet ravioli, a zucchini linguini with spinach, a thai collard green wrap, seaweed salad, raw chocolate mousse (that was so good you want to do a jig while eating it), and a bunch of fresh juices. The food was so good I forgot to Instagram half of it until I was done eating!

The raw gourmet whirlwind was a real blast, but when I returned home today I was grateful for a chance to get back to basics and make a simple smoothie. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the idea of being raw if you make yourself believe that you must dehydrate, food process, and gourmet it up every meal. Please relieve yourself of that tension and enjoy starting simple to start. Remember that fruit or veggies by themselves can be a meals, and you can always have fun blending up new concoctions in your blender in record time. When you get absolutely bored, are feeling creative, or have more free time, the gourmet dishes will be waiting for you, I promise. -XoXo Raw Girl

smoothie_blenderStrawberry Pineapple Pleaser

1 Cucumber

1 Stalk of Celery

2 cups Pineapple

1 cup Strawberries

2 Bananas

Filtered Water or Organic Pineapple Juice

Blend all ingredients. Serve, and enjoy!

P.S. I’m now totally obsessed with Instagram! You can find me @TheRawGirl.


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