Sweet n’ Scrumptious Summer Salad w/ Orange-Strawberry Dressing

May 13, 2013

Sweet n' Scrumptious Summer Salad w/ Orange Strawberry DressingSpring is here, and hopefully summer is around the corner real soon. This weekend in honor of the beautiful weather outside, I decided to whip up a delicious summer salad. If you are a raw foodie or not, it’s always great to lighten up your diet a bit when the weather gets warmer. For those not on the raw bandwagon, spring and summer is a lovely time to incorporate more raw foods into your diet, while also soaking in the wonderful energy of the sun. This salad was AMAZING, took no time at all to prepare, and the dressing was so tasty on it’s own, it doubled as dressing and smoothie. Below is the recipe, feel free to have fun with your versions and add in whatever fruit strikes your fancy. -XoXo Raw Girl

Sweet n’ Scrumptious Summer Salad w/ Orange-Strawberry Dressing

Salad Ingredients: 

Green Kale, Spinach,  & other Mixed Greens

1/ 2 Mango 

8-9 Strawberries


Dried Cranberries

Orange Wedge

Sea Salt

Wash and dice all ingredients however you prefer them. Add all greens into salad bowl, add two capfuls of extra virgin olive oil, squeeze wedge of orange onto greens, and add  a few pinches of sea salt to taste. Massage greens. Layer over greens all your toppings.

Orange-Strawberry CocktailDressing Ingredients: 

2 Oranges

4 Basil Leaves

8 Strawberries

2 Tablespoons Agave or 3-4 Pitted Dates

Blend the ingredients together, pour over salad and enjoy!  Remember this by itself makes a pretty awesome smoothie. Will experiment with other versions of this, but adding in a cucumber works well. -XoXo Raw Girl


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