Neti Pot for Seasonal Allergy Relief

May 27, 2013

Neti Pot for Seasonal Allergy ReliefJust in case you aren’t aware, this years allergy season is supposed to be one of the worst ever. Spring is here, and in addition to a much needed detox, your nasal passageways may need a little extra TLC to deal with the high pollen levels. Last week when with a dear friend at a health food store, she stopped to buy neti salt, and told me that her intense seasonal allergies which used to have her popping tons of medications have completely ceased to exist just by using a neti pot religiously. Apparently this was a divine encounter, because the following day, I had an allergy attack which included the not so awesome highlights of sneezing every few seconds, itchy eyes, and feeling like I was walking around in a purple haze. On my slightly delirious trip to the health food store to get some homeopathic allergy meds, I remembered the neti pot and decided to give it a try. After using it twice that day, nothing really happened, but the following day I might as well have thrown a mucus releasing party. By day three things calmed down and the sneezing had stopped altogether.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies and have not considered using a neti pot, give it a try. The reason why it works is that allergic reactions which include sneezing, coughing etc. are usually your bodies’ response to a completely benign element like pollen which can accumulate in your nasal passages. Using a neti pot is almost like doing a regular colonic or enema, in that it is preventative and keeps your nasal passages free and clear of debris that could accumulate and cause reactions. It also may free you from having to take any medications, because you are getting rid of the problem. Below is a video that I found online that illustrates how to use a neti pot for any newbies like I was. They come in various shapes and sizes and are made from various materials like ceramic or plastic. Go with whatever works for you and follow the directions. The key is to also make sure you are regularly cleaning your neti pot and that you use filtered water to avoid contaminating your body with any organisms or germs that will wreak additional havoc on your system. -XoXo Raw Girl

View How to Use a Neti Pot on Howcast

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