DC Raw/Vegan Spot: Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar

July 3, 2013


Before I left for vacay, I went out to get some raw eats at Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar. I try not to blog until after visiting a spot at least twice. This second time stopping in, I stayed there and ate with a friend (not the best idea). As I mentioned in my last review, a great vegan restaurant with decent customer service that also has great dining-in options is hard to come by in DC. Khepra’s is obviously meant to be a stop-in place which is why it’s a “raw food juice bar” and not a restaurant, but a girl can still dream. On this latest visit to Khepra’s I had the nut hempseed Burger, creamy kale, garlic kale, wild rice, seaweed, and curried cauliflower. The options available were the same as when I visited months ago, and sampled the “crab cake.” Of the three selections available I am a big fan of the hempseed burger, it’s flavorful, filling, and has become my favorite thing on the menu. I also love the wild rice and creamy kale. Was not feeling the seaweed, the garlic kale, or the cauliflower. As I sat to eat with a friend I really wished I had taken my food to go.  It was a particularly hot day so the doors were open, a fan was blowing, and in their kitchen fruit flies were in abundance because of some ripe fruit sitting on their shelves. I love that they offer large portions for an affordable price, and enjoy some of the dishes, but not everything has me raving. I really wish that they rotated more entrees into the menu or changed it up a little bit from time to time. Of all of the places I have visited thus far I would say Everlasting Life, which was recently named Best Vegan Restaurant in DC has the most overall package in terms of consistently good flavorful food, decent ambience, and seating. But if you are looking specifically for raw eats and you are in the DMV, a trip to Khepra’s to grab some food to go will always be worth your trip. -XoXo Raw Girl 

P.S. Please forgive me for not posting as frequently this week! Still working to launch the new version of the Raw Girl site. Appreciate your support, stay tuned!


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